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Vietnam Steel Association proposed to stop export of iron ore

     According to reports, the Vietnam Steel Association has sent a letter to Prime Minister Ruan Zhiqiang and related departments, it is recommended to stop the export of iron ore.

     Vietnam Steel Association said that the current Vietnamese pig iron production capacity of about 180 million tons, swing chain but is still more than the blast furnace was built, so the latter part of Vietnam's growing demand for iron ore.

     Vietnam to stop iron ore exports to China have little effect in 2010, China imported iron ore from Vietnam more than 190 million tons of total imports of about 0.3%.

     Iron ore export companies in Vietnam, the Vietnam Minerals and Metallurgy Company (VTM) a larger proportion of annual export 50 tons of iron ore to China.

     VTM is a steel plant project for the construction of streets, by the Vietnam Steel Corporation, Kunming, China,iron chain Lao Cai Minerals Company and Steel Group, a joint venture company, mining in Lao Cai province, your sand (QUYSA) iron ore. Your sand iron ore is second only to Ha Tinh Province, Stony Brook (THACHKHE) iron ore (reserves of 450 million tons) and Vietnam's second largest iron ore, iron ore reserves of 120 million tons.

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