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Construction of LED lighting products sales channel analysis of seven major strategies

   It is understood that LED according to the product in the channel construction mainly in the secondary distribution market, perhaps not to the timing of sub-channels, and LED lighting and more targeted at high-end business customers, high-end projects. LED commercial lighting market and orders due to the final design, engineering firms, home improvement design of these "hidden channel" to promote.

    LED lighting products, channels and sales strategy

    According to industry summary, LED products, sales channels including the OEM, construction, retail and export areas.

    OEM channel

    OEM mainly small factories for large OEM companies the way, as traders or manufacturers processing methods. This is in Zhongshan, Shenzhen and its surrounding are very common. This is not the company's primary sales channel selection, volume is very large. Of course, OEM is by no means a small company's patent, swing chain many large corporations, listed companies and even has its own wide sales channels, but also other international giants of OEM suppliers, such as Hong Kong, Neo-Neon is Philips, Osram suppliers.

    LED lighting products sales channel strategy for the construction of seven

    Export Export

    As Europe, Japan and other foreign markets, the huge demand for LED products, so export has been the main way many domestic enterprises. The current export sales generally take four kinds of modes: Exhibition, iron chain relying on foreign companies borrowed boat, Internet sales, export sales recruitment sales.

    Exhibition Exhibition

    Must participate in every show (especially export-oriented show) is that many companies have taken the main marketing model. Although this model is so off-site type, but has been out of the house and even out of the country, is still actively marketing type. No idea how the image of attractive new products and the decision to become an important weapon harvest. Of course, the show itself and the influence of radiation is also important.

    Foreign Trade Company

    Relying on foreign trade companies borrowed boat, foreign trade companies are also important sales intermediaries LED business, many company's main source of business relies on foreign trade companies. Foreign company's business channels as possible, manufacturers of business, the better, otherwise the situation is worrisome.


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