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How to improve the low carbon environmental protection authorities of aluminium alloy door energy-saving performance

   Aluminum alloy doors and Windows has a good performance, light weight, beautiful, daylighting is good, durable, easy recovery and utilization rate again profiles high, no environmental pollution and so on characteristics loved by the people. But the box the worse performance of thermal insulation material characteristics of aluminum window and influence the performance. Thus, improving its insulating and energy-saving performance is aluminum alloy doors and Windows in the future the key point is to solve the technical problems,swing chain and also is the development direction of door window enterprise.

   Improving the structure design

  To improve the performance of existing Windows and doors and grades, and must be improved structure design, a change in the past only pursue save work, save material, low price low levels of structure, to realize the push-pull window to performance is good as casement Windows give priority to transition, realize single, double, three layer and small open big fixed and diversification system design.

  Pay attention to the choosing of raw materials

  (1) the box materials general requirements should be strength, good heat insulation performance is good, easy system make it all sorts of plastic, but also easy to be recycled and it is favorable to the environment protection.iron chain Aluminium alloy window frame materials to improve its heat insulation performance, appropriate is made of the broken bridge or hybrid type.

  (2) the glass should promote the use of hollow glass, and in the north should promote the use of low-e type insulating glass. In the south, to sun radiate area, should give priority to promote the use of coating glass sunshine. In developed countries has basic need not single bo and white glass, because they go against energy saving and improving the living environment.

  (3) to promote the use of double sealing and by polyethylene sulfur hollow glass glue make the hollow glass, hollow glass interval should use continuous corner article structure, that if use four corners plug in the joints, must be made with butyl rubber seal. Single sealing hollow glass, not with, with silicone rubber seal structure twice the hollow glass also not desirable, for their service life are relatively short.

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