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Meet the demand to create demand the interaction of the revolution. Home appliance marketing

  People often say: "marketing is an art." In fact this looks very profound knowledge of the door, have the most simple purpose: to satisfy customer needs, and constantly create customer demand, for the sustainable development of the enterprises constantly inject new power.

  In recent years, swing chain along with the upgrading of the industrial structure in home appliances and the key time, how to adjust to the ever-changing market and consumer demand for accurate judgment, how to in this rapidly changing home appliances competition get ahead? The China enterprise news reporter in dalian RongHui hardware firm to general manager CaiChangJiang interview, as domestic KongDiaoYe found new leading enterprise in early DuoNian extension before he gives clear answers.

  Bouquet fear deep lane

   CaiChangJiang northeast has the peculiar and hearty humor: "I in air conditioning agency team is a ' ', and big dealer was compared to our sales, less dramatic, and gome, su ning extension of counters, may also some gap compared. iron chain But is this' small 'shop, a stable sales performance and a large number of clients'", that in recent years and has been pushing the extension air conditioning "become the passive to active' marketing strategy is part of it."

   Air conditioning for ten DuoNian extension business, oneself also proficient in air conditioning installation and maintenance of the CaiChangJiang brand has a unique understanding of: "because dalian many Korean people live, so LG, samsung air conditioning sell very well. They say the 'it's', the time in power for a long time, can tell if quality the quality of the air conditioning. Oakes curled over these foreign brand, absolutely more cost-effective products."

  "Good brand to depend on good products to speak, only the high quality products to seize the heart of consumers. The high quality is always the extension strengths. In dalian due to the problem of publicity, to this brand before consumers don't know much about. And, of course, consumer brand cognitive also not by can do, and must rely on enterprises and local businesses' interactive 'marketing for the brand, can increase the popularity and glamour". CaiChangJiang revealed extension, in recent years to me the most is the propaganda, increasing feelings forms and means also diversification, jet li's endorsement also attract young people's eye. Our sales increase quickly is the best proof.

  Marketing interactive revolution

  Appliance, the price war has been in China is the same melody, dalian market may appear during several big brands out of 999 yuan special machine. But in this way CaiChangJiang promotion is not recognized by: "blindly low price strategy against enterprise positive development, but also to the brand damage. Excellent promotion should not be dominated by damage for the price, but the brand should be through the consumer interaction, want to consumers need, sorrow of the consumers have sorrow to win trust."

   "Inaddition to the extension in the newspaper published some sales promotion activity that information, but also to provide for our products and marketing strategy training. In addition, the reason that we have a lot of repeat customers, and good services is part of it, because I know the air conditioning installation, maintenance, so often after-sales personnel with together to consumers at home, the idea of understanding consumer and needs, and explain some cleaning, maintenance of common sense." In CaiChangJiang eyes, personalized services to become a current in the market lead important magic weapon.

  Young, energy is always the connotation of the brand extension, CaiChangJiang hopes to better the idea across to the local consumers. "Badminton movement in the development zone is very popular, folk game also a lot of, so we sponsor a very famous team, providing them with the mark of the extension, the air conditioning petr cech promotion brand also play a good role."

  In KongDiaoYe, has been to the consumer demand oriented extension of known as "marketing", which is a master of the enterprise dominate the market old concept has been away from the air conditioning, extension tailored to online and offline team on the fashionable marketing strategy have been oakes curled up, and finally promote flexible use of the extension, business and consumers the interactive win-win situation.

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