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Insiders predict prices will not last long earth

   "Prices have been rising, rose to geometry? Plant not goods, when to stop?" Faced with the recent surge in RE prices increasing, more and more rare earth manufacturer issued a helpless voice. June 20, the domestic rare earth industry veteran, who declined to be named to the "Daily News" reporter, said rare-earth price if it is to meet the reasonable value range, the rational must be within the fluctuation range, and the current unilateral upward trend appears to be some outrageous.

    Industry analysts advise that the current skyrocketing only short-term phenomenon, will not last long. "Rare-earth prices is mainly affected by the national regulatory policies, industry mergers and acquisitions continue,swing chain in a short time is bound to push up the price of raw materials." Metals analyst SONG Zhi-business community over that.

    In fact, rare earth rare earth prices does not mean that the true value of the return, but rather in the spot market and stock markets are showing a lot of rumors and the shadow of the bubble. Statistics show that since this year, there have been Baotou Steel shares, Panzhihua vanadium and titanium and other listed companies suffered more than 20 false notion of rare earth. Concern is that on June 20, prices are still rare overall sustain gains, but there are varieties have been signs of decline. According to data provided by the business community,iron chain cerium oxide-day prices for the 185,000 to 19.5 million / ton, while June 17 was 205,000 to 21 million / tons and tons of price decline up to about 2.5 million, but this prices are still much higher than its price in early May (May 4, statistics price of 152,000 to 15.5 million / ton). On the same day, the recent limelight of rare earth permanent magnet stocks continue to drop, intraday stocks fell almost across the board. In the 19 rare earth permanent magnet is a hit stocks, plates or up to 6.46%, stocks almost wiped out, along with "rare earth benchmark," said the Rare-Earth is a limit even close, ranked top cities fall, the most for two days has continued to weaken.

    SONG Zhi-chao, rare-earth prices should slow down even into the stable range, rose will gradually disappear. Chinese Rare Earth Society Preparatory Team Leader Cai-Feng Wang has disclosed, the skyrocketing price of rare earth has caused departments concerned, relevant research to determine the earth is a reasonable price range.

    Recently, media reports said the largest U.S. supplier of rare earth and its Mons Molycorp rare earth mine has restarted, next year will be able to reach 2 million tons of annual capacity. U.S. re-mining of rare earth move will not impact on light rare earth market? Analysts said short-term extraction is not sufficient to supply China's dominance of the formation of substantial impact, "but the overall competitive situation in the future will depend on the integration of China rare earth industry effects and control of leading enterprises and competitiveness."

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