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Yangzi Air bought nearly a year delay on bad service

    July 13, Fenghua Yang consumers and dealers took nearly a year after a tug of war, and finally to spend that Taiwan "Yangtze" brand wall-mounted air conditioners.

     Last year (2010) August, consumers Fenghua Yang Chiang Hardware store in Fenghua, spent 2050 yuan to buy a "Yangtze"swing chain brand wall-mounted air conditioners. When the installer onsite installation found, because the air conditioner freon leak can not be cooling. Yang and stores representations for repairs or replacement of air conditioning requirements. Store operators for Jiang said store only "Yangtze" distributor, repair or replace only Fenghua Zhang dealers the right to decide. Yang Zhang called for a solution when found not cooling air conditioner fails, iron chain Zhang agreed to the first maintenance, repair can not be replaced, so that Yang go home and wait.

     However, followed by distributors and dealers of prevarication. Original Fenghua "Yangtze" dealer Zhang diverted to other products, they put the burden of repair or replacement of air conditioning distributor training and preparation for Jiang. Yang desperation, to find Ningbo "Yangtze" after-sales service department. The service department re-commissioned in the Soviet special Fenghua Maintenance Department, to conduct a comprehensive air-conditioning fault detection and maintenance. After a long wait, Mr. Yang, the reply was powerless, Maintenance Department has failed air-conditioning factory in Hangzhou General Sales Agency sent to repair.

     In July, Mr. Yang once again find Ningbo "Yangtze" after-sales service department. Multi-link by the service department, air conditioning repair check from Hangzhou to Fenghua Soviet special maintenance department. Yang on "Yangtze" air conditioning service questioned. Fenghua Business Bureau received consumer complaints immediately after the mediation will be hosted by Fenghua Chiang Hardware store is responsible for maintenance and air conditioning installation, air conditioning unit to extend the "three guarantees" period, if more air quality problems occur, consumers optional air exchange or return.

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