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Cabinet Hardware started reading five-state marketing microblogging

   For the cabinet so that the end consumer-oriented products in terms of how companies' weaves collar "is not a conventional sense of the PR work, to some extent been a matter of business survival.

    Do not you see the "fake-day Wangwang Hai" in a blue moon to expose liquid detergent containing carcinogens FWA microblogging to Blue Moon and the moment the industry to bear tremendous pressure and had to lower the noble head experts denied that .swing chain iron chain Recently an "Amway product development team" microblogging its large mass destruction even more terrible --- the original non-general is not cold on the micro-Bo 500 was a moment of Amway Corporation, the media pushed to the cusp, not not held a news conference to announce the so-called truth, the cost of repair costs and the cost is difficult to measure the brand.

    Crazy forward microblogging can make your business overnight explosion of red, may also let you instantly brand deep hopeless crisis.

    The author as a "microblogging control", a red cabinet industry, "micro" soldiers, found that some strong sense of brand marketing for new media companies have extremely sensitive to the cabinet "collar" was formed bigger way. But most of the cabinet business, or to avoid microblogging this new communication tool, or the lack of a sound monitoring mechanism and maintenance platforms, microblogging, or no clear marketing strategy, conservative follow-up, but the general effect. So how to change the current cabinet business is not optimistic of microblogging marketing status quo? Like reading and have a certain level of life, as I think of the ongoing brand marketing microblogging cabinet also has several state!

    First re-state the content of the new up to

    In the two microblogging platform Sina and Sohu to open microblogging cabinet official business are mostly well-known brands in some industries, such as Boloni, gold, Piano, music, etc. I, there are some great growth potential in a number of regional firms such as Olin, Kohler, Zhibang, large letters, many SMEs also have micro-Bo, but most of the employees and franchisees own registered account.

    In the cabinet business official microblogging analysis of some searching, I found that although many of the brand's official website has been opened, but the fans very little, content updates as water buffaloes pulling carts generally slow, the content is only a little corporate press releases and product promotional materials excerpt copy and paste, rather the "not to force."

    However, the official Kbbln microblogging whether original or forwarded are extremely close to the people's livelihood, and Boloni target consumer tastes are for flavor, and almost every few hours to update, fans gear will stop, well over one hundred thousand mark. Not only that Boloni when the family micro-Bo Cai limelight has already exceeded that comedy actor Cai Ming, the number of fans to not only more but also high quality and high-end professionals who mostly can not be said micro-Bora near Kbbln and consumption by distance.

    Second state to move up the star

    No lack of star endorsements cabinet industry, whether it is the Han-Wu Baoguo endorsement Piano or outsize Hollywood star Brosnan endorsement of Olin, but companies use microblogging era of celebrity endorsements if you're still in the "open press conference, making ad films, the stars like to put the door first, and occasionally reveal a faceless CCTV ", it greatly OUT. How to make good use of resources --- let star star personality and temperament with his tone of the brand consistent with the idea to integrate communication complement each other, so that fans and brand star interact with them in the micro-Bo, so fans become the brand's star potential consumers, the brand's fans like to play on stars ---- which reached a pinnacle of the cabinet business is none other than non-gold medal. Cabinet official in the gold medal with microblogging "Asia's most beautiful yoga instructor," the reputation of the female fans of its interaction with the Mi Ya --- whether it is the kitchen's premiere yoga, or book-signing session --- I do not know her devil stick the number of male pink heart too! on its parent star known Mi Ya still in the rising stage with big stars who have become famous quite different, but the gold star with the planning of the line brand fans with interactive activities and to micro- Bo live in the form of promotion of the concept of comfort is not only the kitchen had their own sales miracle is a magnet for the female fans of its Mi Ya it is an indisputable fact.

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