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Omega sued Taobao hardware industry to be alert to the network "cottage"

   July 20, Omega sued Taobao, the online "crazy" Biography, the rise of online shopping, so that the average consumer concerned about this matter abnormalities.
   Omega Ltd. alleged that year the company found that Qianlong an Taobao online sales of fake Omega watches advertising, display only price Omega Men's Watch 898 yuan, is a genuine one-tenth the price of a few, and the owner The table describes the "quality of protection available as genuine," is obviously fake.

    Taobao had sent a letter to the company that the average price of a new genuine Omega watches, 3.7 million, the price of genuine can not be less than 7,500 yuan. swing chain And 7500 yuan in Taobao search the following new Omega watch models that can retrieve 28369.

    Omega believes that letting a lot of Taobao and selling behavior and continued existence, do not take reasonable measures to stop the infringement, but also take the initiative to Taobao sellers outside the station in the station and advertising to help businesses implement infringement. The request and the Qianlong court Taobao stop infringement, compensation for economic losses together 200 million in Taobao set price filtering mechanisms to prohibit a price of 7500 yuan the following new Omega Seamaster Taobao sales.

    In fact, the rise of China's online shopping is a very important reason is: the Internet of things generally cheaper than the reairon chain lity of the store, some things even cut times, even in the true and false and quality issues can not be determined under the premise that everyone was crazy influx. But it is for this reason, a lot of "cottage" things will take advantage of the online stores are not standardized but also to provide them with this convenience, the third main reason is that China's consumer rights awareness itself is not strong, And talk about the network thing on nine more children, many consumers in the moment of receiving the goods, even if found to be defective, only their own psychological comfort one another: cheap anyway. This is to allow more "cottage products" reckless, frequently emerge.

    Hardware shop, although not to the consumer, as everywhere, but the hardware industry has the Internet as a new sales channel operates in full swing, online shopping, buy, microblogging marketing, sales on the hardware industry has achieved in the transformation, but as consumer goods, have become a genuine fake, many "cottage" products have emerged, and no knowledge at this time, consumers tend to fall into the "trap", as the cottage products, it is not just harm the interests of consumers, fraud consumers, on the other hand, it brings to the enterprise sector indelible damage a brand image was created through great efforts, and brand information in this media age, it can be said is a measure of a the level of standards of corporate reputation, consumers often choose to buy products is based on the brand, once the brand has been criticized, it means that the future of a business in ruin. Dangers of cottage products, often to a business established by decades of brand moment came crashing down. So, in terms of the hardware business is: cherish life, away from the cottage.

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