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Steel production steel prices continue to be released last week by 0.3%

    Chinese Ministry of Commerce 21 Business Forecasting: by rising production costs, stock market decline in the impact of steel prices rose slightly. Last week (July 11 to 17) of domestic steel prices over the previous week (the same) rose 0.3% 145 * 2.5mm hot-rolled strip,swing chain Φ6.5mm high-speed wire rod, Φ12mm steel rose 0.8%, 0.7% and 0.4%.

     Billet raw material prices higher last week, Carbon Tangshan billet market price of RMB 4,390 yuan / ton, up 3.3 percent over the previous week. Increase end-user purchases, stock market continued to decline, July 15, the national steel inventoriesiron chain decreased 1.1% compared to the previous week, fell by 7.3%.

     But steel industry will continue to release, steel prices upward momentum weakened in June crude steel production of 1.998 million tons of domestic average daily, compared with May, an increase of 5.4 million tons. Post-steel prices expected to stabilize.

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