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Qingdao Hardware & Electrical Fair will lift hundreds of brand-name industry "brand crisis"

  As everyone knows, "Butterfly Effect" refers to a dynamic system, small changes in initial conditions can bring the whole system of long-term huge chain reaction. In the last show among the well-known brand within the industry "butterfly effect", once effective, will have what kind of reaction? With the 2011 North Tenth China (Qingdao) International Hardware & Electrical Tools Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Qingdao Hardware & Electrical Fair") is approaching,swing chain pour into the exhibition industry, mechanical and electrical hardware brands more and more, the show highlights and characteristics are followed up more gradually. Recently learned that this Qingdao Hardware & Electrical Fair compared with previous years, this brand new breakthrough in business there, show the brand's "Butterfly Effect" is about to engulf the entire feather fan and even Qingdao, Shandong Hardware & Electrical Market.

       In recent years, with the Shandong Peninsula manufacturing base for planning implementation, hardware, electronics production and trade once again showing a trend of rapid growth. Original processing industry in the rising level of manufacturing process, many in Japan, Korea and Europe and other countries settled in large enterprises with technological advantages of Shandong, Shandong Peninsula manufacturing industry as a highlight. It is understood that this Qingdao Hardware & Electrical Fair attracted far as easy to Inverto, Antuo, Germany K brand, Wei Keshi, excellent power card,swing chain LYC, star Gangdun, Renault, Bosch, Cedel, Fuji Si Special, Kawasaki, Dongcheng, Amy Burton and other stand out more than one hundred well-known brand within the industry to be participating, after decades of precipitation and accumulation of well-known brands in these sectors will be presented together in the Castle a hardware mechanical and electrical industry of new technology, new equipment, "match-ups," I also will continue to focus, to witness the exhibition will be launched this brand of "butterfly effect."

       The exhibition will be held August 11-13 at the Qingdao International Exhibition Center was held. Ten years time when the celebration of the exhibition, the organizers will offer more and better services to new and old customers, committed to Northern Hardware Industrial Services, to create the first professional Bohai Bay economic circle Hardware Show!

       Exhibition link: Qingdao Hardware & Electrical Fair since it was launched in 2001, has been successfully held the ninth, becoming the only northern professional hardware historic event. The total exhibition area reached 10,000 square meters, known as the North's largest and most authoritative, the most far-reaching influence, the highest degree of specialization Hardware Show. Previous exhibition attracted a scene from Japan and South Korea at home and abroad, the Middle East, Europe and around the well-known brands to nearly 400 exhibitors will showcase their latest products, technologies, about 35,000 businesses to visit, purchase.

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