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Hardware industry analysis for brand positioning four steps

   Well-known marketing guru PhilipKotler said: significance of the corporate brand of pride and superiority, when the company is set up, brand strength or quality of service because of the formation of intangible brand positioning. So what is brand positioning? Simply put, the brand positioning is to occupy in the consumer mind the concept of a category, form their own unique characteristics, which participate in the competition, dominate the market. It is understood that a successful brand, must contain a position, all brand communication activities are designed to help the brand to build and strengthen this position,swing chain in order to influence consumer purchase decisions.

    Brand positioning can often be divided into four steps:

    Step one: industry, consumers and the analysis of competing products. First, consumers need to understand the concerns of such metal products, competitors in the consumer mind in the approximate location (that is, to their market positioning), as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Through the system of market research, you can find out the real needs of consumers, the brand in people's minds in a different position; through research, but also to understand what is happening on the market, iron chain to introduce the concept of differentiation to determine the timing is appropriate.

    Step two: with their own products (services) to find the distinctive features of the characteristics. After analyzing the industry and competing products, to find a concept, so to distinguish themselves from competitors. And this difference is the difference or need to satisfy two conditions: 1, the real needs of consumers, not just the business or product with the characteristics; 2, the concept (feature) on competing products with a clear different.

    The third step: to find the product support point. Consumers are not deceived, the product needs to support the real point to make it authentic. For example, IBM "system solution" that differentiated the successful implementation of the concept of strategic transformation, it is because many areas of IBM's size and technological advantages is its natural support point. Differentiation is not a castle in the air, consumers need real proof that the product must be able to support our brand concept.

    Step four: promotion and dissemination. With the concept of differentiation, but also consumers who will implant the concept of mind, so as to establish their own position. Difference is the full range of such advertising, brochures, websites, public relations and so on should try to reflect the mission of alienation, and these differences need to have a clear center, is our position. Promotion and dissemination of not only external, internal as important. In the company's sales, product development, production and any other place we can focus on the need to carry out, all around the positioning of enterprise resources to match. In this way, it can be said for brands to establish a position.

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