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Arowana 5% price increase inventory hardware industry "up" boom

Arowana 5% price increase inventory hardware industry "up" boom
     The long-rumored price of oil has finally come true, the benefits of Kerry Group Arowana edible oil with effect from August 1, 5% price increase. Arowana prices of edible oil prices will open the door?
   Arowana edible oil prices and the same into 2011, this price trend has also appeared in the hardware industry: soaring prices of raw materials, swing chain electric bicycle prices, floor prices, prices of metal products, lamps prices ... ... "up" word as the annual hot words, causing the whole community.

     As far as I know, this year, home appliances, hardware, building materials companies, without exception, have said the price has been raised. iron chain According to the survey found that raw material prices, labor wages, a series of rising costs, exhibitors, said prices have increased almost without exception, most of the exports of around 5% price increase, some even almost half price. Especially by the fuel, metals and other raw material price increases affect upstream, car and motorcycle parts, hardware, electrical and electronic products rose more significantly.

     Related professionals, said rising costs of raw materials and labor is an important reason for rising metal products. After the Spring Festival this year was too much labor wages rise, and manufacturers began to implement significant price increases has no alternative. A building materials dealers, raw material prices, market demand is not completely lifted, there are factors that hot money speculation. However, the general rise in labor wages, it is the national trend, the greatly increased cost pressures in the reality of the manufacturers do not raise the ex-factory price is difficult.

     Costs rose sharply, the business, it is very, very big challenge. Although the industry claims, the cost to resist the pressure, we must enhance the brand, technology level, product unique combination of factors. But for most Chinese enterprises, "China" is still a long development period.

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