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Cabinet Hardware booming domestic implementation of strategic change

     In recent years, with the domestic cabinet and bathroom hardware industry to flourish, the vast majority of companies began to focus on the domestic market. Currently, the domestic export sector become the focus of strategic development. According to customs statistics, in 2010, China's hardware industry's import and export volume reached $ 74.923 billion, an increase of 30.1%. Exports totaled $ 57.51 billion, an increase of 31.4%; imports totaled $ 17.412 billion, an increase of 26%. swing chain In the development of the low, the associations to guide the industry to adjust its strategy to speed up restructuring and structural adjustment, export-oriented to 'domestic trade simultaneously, both domestic and foreign markets' walking on two legs, continuing to develop the domestic market. And this positive role in promoting the remarkable results, causing the overall rebound in metal industry, especially in the domestic market has shown explosive growth, achieving industry-wide growth of 27%.

    2010, China's hardware industry has achieved very good results, but the 'second five' plan for the industry put forward higher requirements. Countries for environmental transformation to a low carbon industry, industrial restructuring is to enhance the core, from the current state of the industry to a higher level model forward. According to the International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association official Luo Baihui observation, recently, the domestic cabinet and bathroom hardware industry is booming, the vast majority of companies began to focus on major trends in the domestic market,iron chain domestic exports to become the focus of strategic development .

    'Second five' during the planning and upgrading the hardware industry, the main direction and focus, including five major changes:

    The first is extensive to intensive. Change the original industry is small, and more, weak, scattered the status quo, improve product processing capacity, improve manufacturing equipment, technological level, create brand, to take a intensive development. In the past 15 years of development, the basic metals industry is taking extensive development, high pollution, low-level, repetitive work, low-end surplus of products, lack of high-end products such problems persist, not only a waste of resources caused , damage to the environment, and restricted its development. Today, this pattern of growth has come to an end. Extensive to intensive changes in the core is processing capacity and improve product quality levels, and take independent innovation and brand development. Improve quality, capacity for independent innovation and create their own brand, channel has become an imperative, from an extensive to an intensive type imminent.

    The second is labor-intensive to technology-intensive. Labor-intensive industries can also modern electronics, IT and other technology into the industry. In the '2010 China International Hardware Show 'on tap industrial design contest announced, that is to start metal from industrial design association, to increase the technological content of products, added value and make the whole industry model and guide. Hardware industry variety, have their own characteristics, technology-intensive way to go, there is much room for growth.

    The third is the quantity expansion to quality improvement changes. Current industry product homogeneity, low-level repetitive work status has not improved, to achieve production from the production power to a power changes, we must overcome the current low-end products too much, lack of high-end products the status quo. 2010 building hardware imports amounted to $ 4.99 billion, up nearly 30%. Can be seen, equivalent to more than 300 billion yuan in the market, have been dominated by foreign brands.

    Fourth, low-cost, low-cost to high value-added, high margin change. At present there are still architectural hardware industry price competition among peers, disrupt the industry status quo, this competition is a way to completely harm the industry, the final result can only be a lose-lose. Positive example is the smoke machine industry, until now there has been no price war.

    Architectural hardware industry to increase their brand content, create and drive sales channels, to brand promotion, market hardware to make more efforts. Domestic market is already very mature, the quality and taste of consumers has increased, so rooted in the domestic market, especially high-end market, able to grasp the initiative, not afraid of the international market crisis.

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