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Hardware mold the development of new regulations: reduction of re-use of resources

   The advantages of metal mold, the mold already have a strong competitive edge. The biggest advantage is that with the strengths of both private enterprises, but also a traditional industry. Into high-end market, without high-tech. Very famous mountain in China,iron chain manufacturing, rapid development of SMEs, mold industry has played a significant supporting role, but to keep pace with the times, the local industry also need to change to enhance the mold. Recently, a senior technical schools and the Institute of Modern Manufacturing Engineering, Zhejiang University, "marriage", the two sides will build the "Mould fast and precise testing of digital design center" to serve good local mold industry.

    With the development of the domestic metal mold industry, increasing competition from the provinces, metal mold disorderly competition within the industry began to appear, there's low-cost hardware, product structure and technical content is not high grade defects also become increasingly apparent. 1960s metal mold industry began to rise in the South China Sea, peaked in the late 1980s. At that time the threshold is very low metal mold industry, does not require any technical, 30,000 yuan to buy some old equipment can open a family-owned hardware mold factory. After 40 years of development, all kinds of metal, swing chain mold processing enterprises is over million, the vast majority of labor-intensive small businesses, located in the Sands, Xiqiao, Guicheng and other places.

    Mold with a little three-point advantage,

    (A) advanced equipment

    (B) the application of more advanced technology, new technology widely used in the industry, quickly.

    (C) related materials from the design and manufacturing to the production and heat treatment to form a chain, highlight the advantages of integration.

    The drawbacks of metal molds, metal molds current business due to insufficient funds and lack of its own brand, metal mold companies will increase investment in management and technological innovation, expanding the proportion of high-end products, and the establishment of the domestic sector, to actively expand the domestic market.

    Promote circular economy pilot industrial metal mold in order to "reduce, reuse and recycle" principle, with emphasis on resource consumption and waste emissions reduction, actively implement the preferential policies for comprehensive utilization of national resources, to carry out waste batteries, waste electrical , re-use of old furniture, wood processing residues, mining waste, sewage sludge and stainless steel waste of resource utilization. Vigorously develop the circular economy to promote cleaner industrial production, is an important manifestation of low-carbon economy. Vigorously develop the circular economy to promote cleaner industrial production, is an important manifestation of low-carbon economy.

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