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Longyou Hardware Machinery "chain" the development of effective attention

    July 31 News "in the first half output of 40 million yuan, the product worry about sales." July 26, general manager of Foundry Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Lancashire Zhao say so, so good momentum of development of the company, due to industrial concentration brings the "chain effect." "Lancashire casting" was originally Longyou Ou Laite Valve Co., Ltd.swing chain in Wenzhou, a partner in the "Ou Laite 'recommendation, the two" brothers "business together to Longyou" camp "last year, have been put into operation. Valve upstream of the enterprise as a supplier, a total investment of 110 million yuan, 10,000 tons of steel casting, "Lancashire casting" now has the county's "Ou Laite", "Kay East",iron chain "Case pass "and more and more the valve business to take place 'material' to provide a convenient, directly reduce the production cost of the valve.

     In recent years, Longyou hardware machinery industry for small, slow development of practical, industrial development planning through the preparation, development platform to build industry, preferential policies and other initiatives, focusing on the introduction of long industrial chain, a strong correlation and high-tech, value-added large projects. Central Engineering Co., Ltd. of transport facilities in the highway guardrail plate production, with sales up year after year, annual consumption of 10,000 tons of steel pipe, steel pipe only from the original, Jiangsu, Tianjin, procurement, high transport costs. In 2008, the county with the successful introduction of the "ring of traffic," matching loop-through Pipe Co., Ltd. Zhejiang produce 240,000 tons steel pipe production line, the project put into operation in late 2009. "With the door of the raw material supplier, we want to save the purchase cost per year more than 200 million." "Huan up traffic," Fuzongjingli Fang Ruheng say so, the company the first half of the output value of more than 6,000 million to develop rapidly.

     "Chain" the development of a vibrant first half, Longyou hardware machinery industry output value 2.028 billion yuan, an increase of 74.5%.

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