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Da Vinci Furniture events thought to see the development of Guangdong Furniture Hardware

    Recently, CCTV "Weekly Quality Report" reported sales price of the Da Vinci furniture products, a considerable part of Italy they advertised is not the production of materials used is not a luxury brand claimed wood. For a time, "high price of furniture will be fraud," the question everywhere, the furniture industry have set off a storm.

     Ignited the "swing chain Da Vinci furniture" event, although the individual unscrupulous companies selling furniture negative cases of fake and shoddy products, but also from a side that there are many choice of international brands in furniture manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong to find, OEM to OEM, confirmed in Guangdong furniture industry, furniture hardware and supporting a strong base.

     "The development is inseparable from the furniture industry furniture hardware products, furniture and even a lot of it depends iron chain on the quality and choice of furniture grade quality of the product quality of metal 'Pearl River Delta' region is a traditional furniture hardware products manufacturing base in Guangdong Province Guangzhou, Foshan, Jieyang, Zhaoqing, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen and other places have a lot of furniture hardware manufacturers. after years of development, the Guangdong region of the furniture hardware companies have formed a complete range of products, both domestic and foreign trade is characterized by and the formation of Dongguan, Zhongshan, Shunde, Gaoyao other distinctive industrial base. "China International Hardware Show (CIBHS) organizers, executive vice president of China National Hardware Association, Miss Shi Senglan introduced.

     "Over the years, Guangdong's furniture hardware furniture hardware business has been the industry leader, great vision of the market so that the Guangdong region of the furniture hardware companies more adept at seizing and using excellent platform for trade promotion. Up to now, China's international exhibit in 2011 architectural Hardware Show (CIBHS2011) furniture hardware business has reached more than 200, including more than 50 from the Guangdong province, occupying a total exhibition furniture hardware business quarter, a figure speaks in Guangdong Furniture Hardware Company leading position in the industry. "vice president of Portland stone monk said.

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