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« Da Vinci Furniture events thought to see the development of Guangdong Furniture HardwareHardware industry stalled industrial competitiveness "order to win." »

Beauty or exhibition? Hardware popular hot beauty marketing

    Recently, Anhui Hardware Electrical Trade City Marketing Center popularity booming, many of them to see the Miss Tourism World style of the people, but also as to the purchase of investment projects for the mind customers, consultants, critically, select the intention shops,iron chain developers for every registered customer to prepare a scene beautifully gift - a senior purple cup.

     With 16 contestants arrived at the scene, selection of activities started, East Division of the 16 players braved the rain to rain, the audience show their talent, singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, won thunderous applauses from the audience view .

     swing chain It is understood that the best figure in the Miss Tourism World finals kicked off the special occasion, Anhui Hardware & Electrical Building Materials City Plaza, 60 million square meters furnishings formal public recognition chips. Place the launch availability furnishings for the building materials A1-A5, B1-B6 shops three to five layers, three layers an average price of 19,800 yuan / square meter, 4-layer average price of 17,800 yuan / square meters, the average price for the 5-layer 12,800 yuan / square meters, floor area of about 25 square meters, the specific area can go to the marketing center for more advice; concessions to customers to pay ten thousand yuan identification chip identification chips capable of reaching the gold to buy a house two million.

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