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Machinery industry growth down the valve industry in the future prospects of geometry?

    With the slowdown in the second half of the impact of investment in fixed assets show, swing chain machinery industry growth will come down significantly, while the industry sub-division will occur.

    One container, bearing valves, motors, boilers, manufacturing,iron chain and other sub-sectors in the first half to continue to run high in the economy, the cumulative total profit growth rate were maintained at 40%; at dedicated instruments, electronic measurement and measurement equipment, engineering machinery, etc. appeared a decline in sales revenue, profit fall significantly situation; However, rail transportation equipment, machinery industry, ship manufacturing industry is the small bright spot.

    The declining growth rate in the industry as a whole against the background of machinery industry has divided the sub-sectors. According to the first 5 months of statistical data, container, bearings and valves, agricultural machinery, metallurgical and mining equipment, electrical machinery, general instrumentation, boiler manufacturing economy continued high growth rate of cumulative total profits were maintained at 40%; and special instruments, electronic measurement, measuring equipment, engineering machinery, several sub-sectors which are Chuxian Shouruxiajiang sales, profits Mingxian decline of the situation; in the machinery industry Zhengti down economy Du context of rail transportation equipment, Chuan Bo Zhi Zaoye two sub-sectors from past losses into profits, the industry significant signs of recovery.

    Within the machinery industry, basic materials, such as bearings, valves, parts and other general machinery and equipment is the most upstream sector, the macroeconomic slowdown in fixed asset investment, or would result, first major slowdown in demand for machinery and equipment, and then affect their upstream The basic parts industry, so generally speaking, the basic parts of the economy lags behind the changes in machinery and equipment changes in the economy.

    Industry-wide drop in the mechanical context of the growth rate is expected to drop a significant reduction in the first half of the special equipment manufacturing, instrumentation, manufacturing and transportation equipment manufacturing industry would stabilize in the second half; and Shou Lag Effect, general machinery Manufacturing (including boilers, metal processing machinery, general equipment, bearings and valves, and other common parts) in the second half drop rate will increase, will exceed the industry average.

    Previous period due to reasons such as the economy is still lagging in the high part of the sub-industries such as container, bearings and valves, electrical and general instrumentation industry cautious, expected that the sub-sector may reach the economy in the short term high, then there degree of decline. The early decline in the larger sub-sectors such as construction machinery may be smaller base and a certain degree of recovery. And rail transportation equipment and shipbuilding is expected to continue to rise.

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