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Hardware locks high-end market competition is intense

Locks with our life, it is related to every family, unit and public safety. With the rapid development of economy, all sorts of design, material, structure, function of professional locks products are endless. Along with our country house, car, high-grade office buildings and hotel key industry of rapid development, and national defense, public security, public finance system with high defensive locks to product demand of strengthened day by day, high-grade locks wide prospect of market.

After 30 years of development of reform and opening up, Chinese locks industry scale unceasingly expands, the product coverage is expanding, and independent brand enterprise gradually, stronger and industry comprehensive competitiveness for promotion. At present, our country mainly of lock focus in zhejiang, production base of guangdong, shandong, etc. The product category, the padlock, spherical lock, hold hands locks still has large market product space, bicycle locks, door locks, plastisol coated chainark lock, car lock and special purpose lock upstream of the products with the product development is changing, intelligent locks, building interphone, has become a modern social life commonly used functional products. According to statistics, China's domestic market to the biological recognition and locks electronic technology high-tech product demand locks about more than 5000 sets, and may, to $6 billion, this is absolutely a tempting "big cake".

High-end intelligence is the mainstream

In the past, China's hardware locks industry still stay in low level stage of development, the main market with low price competition is given priority to, the enterprise with the kung fu in the usually low end products. But in recent years, with the change of market trends, intelligent, environmental protection, energy saving has become the new consumption concept, there are people in the industry say: "from the market tendency in recent years to see, intelligent and environmental protection, energy saving of hardware products more and more get of consumer pro-gaze. China's high-end hardware product market space is very large, top products especially the growth trend, compared to 2010 in 2011, the growth rate is very high. Users from top international five star hotel, extensions to the localization for a person of extraordinary powers curtilage the high-end residential projects."swing chain This shows, high-end hardware product market potential is huge. The author in the process of responsible market found, high-end intelligent locks more and more, the price from hundreds of yuan to thousands of dollars. Many hardware locks dealers also revealed, high-grade locks gradually become the mainstream of the hardware locks products. On one hand, high-end locks high scientific and technological content, more prominent humanity, the personalized characteristic, gained by consumer; On the other hand, the high scientific and technological content of products, profit is high, the businessman natural look good. After the 2008 financial crisis "baptism", many locks enterprise to profoundly understand only improve product technology content, improve product class, increase the added value of the products, to the market in place. At present, the high scientific and technological content of intelligent locks, including locks, IC card lock, fingerprint lock because of its unique convenience, as well as the technology gradually mature, has gradually win the high-end consumer recognition; And use biometrics fingerprint lock, more because the uniqueness of fingerprints, do not copy sex, easy to carry, don't forget, not lost characteristics, to have more wide prospect of market.

Enterprise development high-end brand increase competition

Facing today's market situation, hardware locks enterprise should be even more to improve management by means of new product development, improving the added value of the products, the development of high-end products. And now consumers have more and more tend to high-end, intelligent locks products, biological recognition technology application the rise and development of the intelligent hardware, the application of the hardware locks products promoted to a new height, hardware locks the industry's future high-end market competition will be quite intense.

Southwest regional manager's house hardware liu Ming tells the author, on the one hand, along with society, science and technology, culture, progress, mechanical lock can not meet the needs of the consumers;iron chain On the other hand, from a point, the strength of the safety measures is actually and identity, status of related, electronic intelligence lock (including locks, card lock, fingerprint lock, etc) as a new generation of biometrics products, reveal the high-end consumer grade, the advantage is more and more obvious, will gradually replace mechanical lock become locks industry's new protagonist. Located in the north of chengdu fu sen beautiful household market home Thai hardware locks store, clean and neat in-store neatly placed all kinds of security locks, wei yu lock, stainless steel lock and lock accessories. In the first half of about locks sales, said liu Ming, now people buy lock products, in addition to pursuing the traditional practicality and safety, but also pay more and more attention to lock the grade of the product, which reflects the cultural characteristics of personalized certain high-end locks becomes the market is new bestow favor on, part of the product and even to begin to turn the door locks ACTS the role of hardware ranks, locks culture grade of the products and adornment sex is more and more strong. Home Thai hardware it is certain that a business opportunities, innovation, independent research and development a series with unique life grade, high-end fashion and easy of lock products, the products with reliable quality, reasonable price, had many customers, sales at present condition is stable. There is no doubt that hardware locks enterprise development strategy adjustment, and, to some extent, intensifies the future high-end market competition.



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