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Oil prices break eight hardware and enterprise call doesn't hurt

The national development and reform commission announced that, from this day, domestic oil prices rise 00:00 finished product, gasoline and diesel prices are 600 yuan per ton increase, through this adjustment, oil prices has entered the era of 8 yuan. The commission said, according to the international oil prices as rise, there should be in the range of 700 yuan per ton.

The oil price rise last only 41 days distance. The national development and reform commission announced that gasoline and diesel prices are 600 yuan per ton increase, raised far above market expectations by, or large also for rare in recent years.

The soaring oil prices in the deep concern of finally break under eight, china swing chainthe rise in the price of oil that many people having call "doesn't hurt. With the famous everywhere become the necessities of life, car oil expenditures gradually enhanced, the proportion of many people can afford a car to deeply but use not oil.

In fact, in comparison to the ordinary citizen of oil consumption, really doesn't hurt the enterprises should be, in enterprise production, transport process needs a large number of oil, this characteristic is also widely occurring in many hardware and production enterprise in. Rising oil prices will no doubt give hardware mechanical and electrical industry production and transportation of a massive increase in cost, the impact of the enterprise market development progress.

Zhejiang hangzhou management of mechanical and electronic products in Mr. Chen said, before rising oil prices will often leads directly to the cost of production and logistics products cost rises, especially among them the influence of logistics and transport, if goods to price hikes, will inevitably affect sales, if want to ensure sales, profit space and had to compression, was not hurt.

It is reported, oil as a non-renewable resources, itself stock Co.,plastisol coated chain factory LTD, plus oil increased year by year, high oil prices is an inevitable trend, swing chain manufacturersbut high oil prices down to all kinds of risk was growing, how to resolve the problem of high oil prices bring, reduce the risk, worth discussing.

The expert inside course of study says, the oil price rise range is too big, exposure to oil prices do appear again in the mechanism "introduce hysteresis" such shortcomings, and relevant departments should introduce new product oil pricing mechanism as soon as possible.

From hardware and enterprise's point of view, small make up think, on the one hand, the enterprise must strengthen to the material and often energy prices monitoring and warning. On the other hand, hardware and enterprise also need to keep looking for new profit growth point, in the materials, research and development, the design, brand and service, and other links efforts to try to reduce oil prices soared to the enterprise of the adverse impact.

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