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Expand domestic hardware industry horse race circle xu li expansion

Throughout the world economic development history, every time a major crisis will bring economic structure and the industrial division to "shuffle", forming a new enterprise rise of historic opportunities. In the financial crisis period, hardware industry is facing such opportunities, whether through the adjustment of economic structure rapid upper, see the hardware enterprise can accurate timing. For guangdong jieyang this give priority to with export of old hardware industry base for, iron chain suppliersexpand domestic financial crisis be after all hardware enterprise of the day.

Channel to sink, network of radiation.

As is the level 3 city start in local government, under the leadership of the jieyang is the trend of the top in guangdong province pull force strive. Hardware industry is one of the characteristics of jieyang industry, it is the top priority of the economic development in jieyang. Based on the investigation understands, whether it is this year last year, jieyang many hardware enterprise have been busy production. Despite soaring prices, the market is not stable, but jieyang hardware enterprise always order constantly. Many enterprises as a "labor shortage", order outsourcing popular at that time.

The 2008 financial crisis directly affect domestic consumption market 12 cities, forcing enterprise developing three level 4 market. The broad land at the county level, the consumption of the market potential is gradually developed, and the market prospect is widely valued. Now, faced with a second city unrest in the housing market, high prices,swing chain suppliers a lot of enterprises is increased efforts to become three fourth market, three fourth market has become a haven from the enterprise.

Faced with that situation, jieyang scale above hardware enterprise in this year also increase the input, positive will sales network radiation to provinces and cities, the cities at the county level, to channel to sink, seizes the market first. Some enterprise also sent into three level 4 market by a detailed inspection, combined with the local market characteristics, stepping up horse race circle, set up local enterprise. They think, horse race circle is the most basic market development is the most important sports.

Jieyang have in the past many hardware enterprise to hold a traditional "well-off" type thought, XiaoFuJiAn, not pursuing big development. But now the trend of The Times, plastisol coated chain manufacturersthey also had to follow tide, taken the pace of market expansion, such as attend the exhibition, recruit dealers to expand its market scope.

To promote the brand, xu li expansion.
In today's society has entered into the consumer age brand, hardware industry brand competition also has uncovered prelude. More and more jieyang hardware enterprise has profoundly realize, make the independent brand is to improve the enterprise market risk ability against the best way. Cultivating the consumer brand loyalty, and constantly improve the added value of products, is a business enterprise development of the hard truth. Everyone said ChaoShanRen is "Chinese jews", in order to admire ChaoShanRen business wit flexible. But now of jieyang people doing business, the more heavy integrity. Jieyang double benefit hardware company general manager in the LuoShuangYan accept interview, the enterprise brand is like a personal personality, a sign that the credit enterprise brand and image, is the enterprise the most important intangible assets. Therefore, in the enterprise brand building, the good faith is especially important. In the tide of commodity economy, the market environment in the constant change every day, who owns the brand integrity who master competition of the initiative, can in the leading position in the market.

Now many of jieyang hardware enterprises pay great attention to the brand construction enterprise. Some enterprise actively participate in the exhibition industry at home and abroad for more cooperation; Some enterprises to select the media brand advertising, increase brand awareness. Also some enterprise brand idea more advanced, they think, a brand to have a long life, focus on propaganda is not enough, must rely on in the strength of the enterprise, including production strength, the strength of the capital, management of the strength and the strength of the expansion. Therefore, in the domestic and foreign economic instability, market performance of the weak, jieyang hardware enterprise should with the local industry cluster advantage,china iron chain in increasing production investment at the same time, more attention to market development, xu li expansion. In this idea, under the guidance of the many hardware enterprise now jieyang completed the production and marketing of the combination of the structure adjustment, the "one-stop" to match neat has become they develop channels of the new advantage.

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