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Domestic doors and Windows hardware accessories technology new way out into comfortable concept

As living environment and life space is a growing concern and attention, as a relatively independent, complete the original building, door and window system in the whole building the function and position of got dramatically increasing. Many of the important function of the door and window system is through the hardware accessories to implementation, our country doors and Windows hardware industry for many years continuously technology innovation, a powerful impetus to the door and window system performance improvement and innovation function. From the comfort, safety and intelligent point of view,plastisol coated chain introduce in China in recent years doors and Windows hardware accessories in product development, design, production and application of technology innovation.

1, comfort
The reasonable design more atresia system, give the doors and Windows of the best sealing, thermal insulation and sound insulation noise performance, build a quiet and comfortable life space; Through the structure of exquisite of transmission and operation device, realize the diversity of Windows and doors open and ventilation mode. Flat open open turn out of the peace is popular for decades of the classic open means, on this basis, a multiple of auxiliary of the derivatives and special open means, such as the seam ventilation (provide 45 degrees micro seam ventilation gear), turn out flat open (and the traditional flat open turn open order out of the opposite), promote the push and pull and push and pull turn out (applied to large open fan), and the hidden hinge, high window open, suspension and in turn; Humanistic products design gives doors and Windows end users feel comfortable and convenient operation, such as lift door protection (easily shut down, prevent casement droop type), prevent mistake (avoid wrong action led to damage and dangerous), this type of import device (from turn out when window closed position more effort and convenience, especially for high window),swing chain a quiet lock tongue (eliminate noise produced when the collision of door), placed inside the hand holding the auxiliary function, other additional functions (open limit, turn out of the positioning, etc.).

Big open sashes system: to improve push-pull and push and pull out the interior space of the turnstile is to free segmentation, realize the bedroom and the nature of the exchange and integration and design. Through the control of hand the push and pull of the institution can lightly complete push-pull on-off movement.ball and do not wear fluid sealant. The unique low threshold design can allow children and the disabled, easy car bicycle across.

2, safety
The safety of the doors and Windows (guard against theft sex) increasing attention. In order to meet different buildings to security of performance requirements, the introduction of strict security level standard, anti-theft lock from point of configuration, to complete test measures and procedures.

For Windows, our country hardware manufacturers launched anti-theft lock typical point design, in order to prevent casement in turn out state was whole prised up, in the bottom of the increased level of casement pour turn atresia stem, thus improve the whole window security level.

In addition, in order to improve the safety of Windows and doors use sex, the wrong operation function has become a standard configuration of door window. In addition, in the hold hands increase atresia function (buckle lock or lock core), and has the function of subsidiary installation closure accessories, can improve the doors and Windows of different degree the safe use of and guard against theft sex. Remember the hardware production such as jun of hand can be divided into separate of hand and the opening and closing alone opening and closing of hand, among them, seven words of hand can only achieve state alone.

3, intelligent
The idea of intelligent door window associated with human society and information of digital process and spontaneous, intelligent embodies the window of door of door window industry development in the future.

The main contents of the intelligent Windows and doors including the following aspects:

Driven by a motor alternative of hand operation, iron chainrealize the doors and Windows open and shut down. This is the premise of the realization of automatic control.

In the lock point or outdoor installing sensor, acquisition on opening and closing doors and Windows and external climate parameters of state data, through the use of these data and processing, and to realize the building doors and Windows open and the monitoring system of heating and air conditioning coordination control. With programming or network of window opening and closing implement automatic control, according to the needs of the user specific (time, interval or external conditions) open and closed doors and Windows, doors and Windows personalized ventilation and intelligent realization, it is to make intelligent residential environment of an organic component.

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