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« Analyses the hardware products are on the development of energy conservation and environmental protection Home outfit hardware gadgets material problem cannot be ignored of avoid by all means »

Locks and supporting adornment hardware design trend brings new luminescent spot

Locks and supporting adornment hardware as part of domestic outfit design, domestic outfit design and cultural factors will affect the development of hardware locks and form a complete set, and locks and hardware innovation can also bring new window for domestic outfit design and change.

In China, such as locks and supporting hardware situation,plastisol coated chain although it is now the industry gradually began to pay attention to brand positioning and promotion, but also temporarily not form a stable, positioning clear, have the core competitiveness of the industry in high-grade strong brand.

From the development trend, the first important trend of industrial modelling design is into the culture, the attention of individual grade. The locks on market hardware design, multifarious, wide variety, but the real start from a design will be all kinds of cultural connotation as design concept into the does not see more. Treasure di hardware research and development team from a few years ago began to the exploration and try.

The second trend is to user experience and products of human attention. Treasure di hardware locks series is treasure di hardware development of a for indoor use single room door of the tongue door lock, developers from product applications, users demand, consumer habits of use, the existing market indoor lock extensive and in-depth research, combining the door factory senior industry customer feedback, lock body function in the new design to meet families need.

Because of this kind of lock basically use in the room, the bathroom, so in design are at the potential demand of several users: switch door lock voice be gentle, quiet:swing chain especially in the evening when bed, will unlock voice control to a minimum, and Prevent old person or child lock the door behind by mistake; Have certain the destructive and necessary privacy; And installation convenience. Locks and related hardware third trend is the biological recognition technology application and the rise of intelligent locks and intelligence of the development of common hardware locks and hardware application ascend to a new height, intelligent household in the near future will have the possibility to common people's home.

At present, the technology and high scientific and technological content of intelligent locks, including locks, IC card lock, fingerprint lock because of its unique convenience, as well as the technology gradually mature, in the application in the market has gradually win the high-end consumer recognition, and made a place. And use biometrics fingerprint lock, more because the uniqueness of fingerprints, do not copy sex, easy to carry, don't forget, not lost characteristics, to have more wide prospect of market.

The fourth big trend is to focus on product innovation and patent application, enhance their core competitiveness, of protection of intellectual property rights are increasingly standardize. Graceful patent existing more than 200 items, every year to about 25 studies still speed increases.

The fifth big trend is to emphasize to product details, the attention to product quality excellence, from detail reflects the taste, the consumption of products reflect the understanding of the essence.

The sixth trend is also very concerned on consumers, is pay attention to technology and quality certification, and the products implement standard and the international community; With graceful anti-theft lock fingerprints as an example, a good fingerprint lock should through these technology and quality detection: domestic standard: security standards; International standard: the product quality standard and the international community; Quality authentication have European CE certification, the United States FCC and ISO9001 certification authentication; Class a fire prevention lock detection (GB12955-2008), fire doors electronic theft detection (GA374-2001) and the ministry of public security safety products detection (GA701-2007 "fingerprint general technical conditions anti-theft lock").

Seven of the trend is: enterprise pay more attention to quality and brand: really good brand connotation is quality, durability, the sustainable development of crystallization,iron chain Quality is the life of enterprise.

The eighth trend is locks and supporting the integrity of the hardware solutions. At present graceful has formed the intelligence door lock, building door lock, door with hardware, sanitary hardware, a total of five large series of complete category and product line. Graceful always to focus on locks as the core, with construction engineering hardware, furniture hardware for supporting hardware product application system integration; Committed to become locks industry of experts.

Ninth trend is environmental protection and energy saving and security. The call for more serious environmental problems have sense of responsibility of the producers to action. Whether a product through the environment system and occupational health and safety of the system authentication; Whether by using environmental protection gradually electroplating process, reduce use, using cyanide 3 + chromium plating; Meets the electroplating wastewater treatment and electroplating industry standards for pollutants discharge, manufacturers are began to pay more attention to the problem.

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