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Stand firm and hold to the international market hardware tools to countries standards

Power tool is the whole society and most widely used hardware tools, along with time and the progress of the society, power tool market developing rapidly, and all kinds of electric tools due to various aspects quality problem to the injury of the consumers also occurs frequently, and therefore, plastisol coated chainthe various countries to domestic market electric tool requirement is becoming more strict.

The European Union is for hardware power tools made special 60745-1 standards, its purpose is to establish a hardware electric tool the specification, to enter the European market power tools product specification, so as to reduce or avoid electric tools to consumer to cause damage. Europe also launched a electrical the authentication law.

Related enterprise exports to the European Union all the specifications of the power tools and series products, export before by the European electrical instructions must be authentication and put the mark, swing chainis about to expire products to to apply for certification. In addition, in the electric tool testing period, the enterprise needs to make the preparation. Enterprise need more to accumulate experience to deal with, involving products will according to eu regulations do acoordingly adjusted, or will be out of business.

To this, industry experts remind enterprise in time to understand and grasp of importing countries export hardware tools power tools safety regulations and standards, requirements, iron chainsuch as the eu's recent electric tools standard requirements; Enterprise product design, quality management personnel to be familiar with and understand the standard, in the development of design of products, not only should consider product modeling and function, more to export to countries according to the inspection standard, pay attention to the safety performance of the product.

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