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China into mechanical manufacturing power hardware machinery industry and the answer

In recent years, China's manufacturing industry get consistently high development, China has is a manufacturing power: all countries in the world in import a lot of Chinese products, and China's exports, mechanical and electrical products already in the majority. In the current economic crisis in the cold wave and, machinery industry is influence, but total dimensions and total production is second only to the United States, more than Japan, the world's second-largest, export more than Germany, up to the world the first, in 2009 China automobile production has more than the United States ranked first in the world. China has become a real world manufacturing power.

In 2010 the global manufacturing white paper "by the world's 10 biggest manufacturing power" top, China ranked third. 2011 "the world mechanical 500 strong," the United States to 126 enterprises and among the highest in Japan to 124 lives in the second, our country enterprise 77 household in the third.plastisol coated chain But this year the world 500 strong mechanical top 10, no in China; The world 100 strong mechanical, China was only nine. The industry generally think that the Chinese manufacturing big but not strong. International mould and hardware and plastic industry association secretary-general ROM the fai supplier pointed out, the our country hardware tools industry must change the idea, develop efficient advanced tools of production, with domestic efficient advanced tools instead of foreign products, import tool of possession by back this segment of the market, focusing on after production services, only in this way,swing chain our tools companies not only has development outlook, our tools industry can obtain the revitalization.

In recent years, China's hardware tools industry is a little development, but is far behind the development of the machine tool industry. Used in production efficient advanced tools, most are imported from abroad (including foreign capital enterprise produced in China tools). Now we also export many knives, but mainly is cheap cheap standard tools. In 2004, production tools of about 2.5 billion items, including 2 billion pieces is cheap cheap tool (most exports), the export of the next few years is still basic cheap tool. In the U.S. market, medium specifications of manual twist drill every price of about $10, and the market of Chinese production low-grade manual twist drill price only $1, is used as the hand tools. China now has the world the first car industry scale, but the auto industry from the overseas introduction of high efficiency production line, the use of the cutting tools 80% ~ 90% is still the import tool (including domestic of foreign enterprise products).

Now China's cutlery production supply and marketing situation is, high-end advanced cutting tool product mainly rely on imported from abroad, and low-grade malignant expansion cutting tool product (most export), this situation must change as soon as possible. Our country machinery manufacturing production use a lot of standard tools, and the developed countries is the use of efficient advanced tools, the processing efficiency in our country is far lower than the abroad. Now the tool factory in China, with a large production of traditional standards tools to give priority to. From machinery manufacturing technology development trend, the future of China's factory the efficient numerical control machine tool proportion will increase year by year, efficient advanced tools demand will then increase quickly, and traditional standards of the cutting tool will reduce the demand is increasing year by year.

China's export is cheap cheap machine tool,iron chain and imported is expensive numerical control and precision machine tools. Now the situation of the development of international economic uncertainty, facing the complex and changeable situation home and abroad, although in the first half of 2012 China machinery industry situation is good, but the trend is not optimistic. Our country and international manufacturing power than on technology also has the very big disparity, to research to improve the product class, increase the high-end products, improving manufacturing technology level. By the world economic crisis, in the first half of 2009 tool industry continue to slide, but seven to eight months later the whole economic situation has started to thaw, tools industry has also been improving step by step. China's hardware machinery industry in 2012 years to get further development, must be in time and technology, developed more excellent precision high quality products of high-tech content.

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