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American kitchen appliances brand Caloric end of the restart

Since the 1990 s after exit the market, the foreign brands will be home appliance Caloric in late 2012 in the United States be made to kitchen electric market.

JMMLeeProperties limited liability company is the owner of the brand, and Caloric home appliance is permitted. IMM points out, household appliance brand is with high-grade Caloric kitchen electric equipment form a complete set of one of the earliest a brand.

"Consumers because its supply high quality gas burner and complete kitchen electric equipment and remember the combination Caloric this brand," MichaelLee, JMMLee partners said.plastisol coated chain factory "They are the first to offer owner customize kitchen utensils and adornment color of the manufacturers."

"In the Caloric, consumers will choose before all kinds of finished product electric appliances," Lee said. "But Caloric in the 1950 s and 60 s invented the complete kitchen whole equipment,swing chain manufacturers provide embedded oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, exhaust, and so on, also includes the kitchen sink match". Caloric is also the first to send a gas wall-hang boiler built-in to the one of kitchen electric equipment company.

Caloric company in 1967 by Raytheon company takeover. But in the 1990 s, the Caloric was eventually Amana company takeover. At this time it is already Amana as part of the property company dormancy hold. Amana be Goodman in 1997, with the purchase, and then be Maytag in 2002 takeover. In 2006,iron chain factory whirlpool company and the acquisition of the Maytag, which have the Goodman and its Caloric brand ownership. Until last year, whirlpool company keep not use Caloric brand ownership.

The new brand owners JMMLeeProperties also has authorized and used to belong to a company's other two Amana traditional household appliance brand ModernMaid and Litton. New Caloric brand will be in fall 2012 to provide users with embedded appliances, such as stainless steel cookware to electrical began to cut into the market. The company plans to launch in the next stage of embedded, integration of home appliance overall production.


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