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Meizhou hardware locks enterprise brand awareness is enhanced

In 2011, due to the "three tenors two shortage", guangdong's meizhou hardware locks enterprise to suffer to shock, but part of the brand awareness strong hardware locks enterprise actively enhance its ability to resist risk, they through the upgrade the quality of products, will be humanized principle and high-tech elements into product research, development and production, to speed up the transformation and upgrade, this part of the lock in crisis and high success more likely.

Brand awareness enhancement of ten years

Ten years ago, consumers choose to decorate a house locks is still in no brand age, lock is hard to find a characteristic independent store brand shop or locks, when locks in hardware products store or a member of-Henrietta and no special obvious locks zone. But in recent years, with hardware locks market conceptualization and the brand is more and more strong, locks, store brand shop even single locks stores also gradually emerged, and increasing year by year. 2008 years ago,plastisol coated chain factory in addition to bond pie hardware which an independent hardware locks shop outside, not any other independent stores. Beginning in 2009, which started in tyrone meizhou, in big stores open the inn in inn, with independent space as a special administrative area, and formed unique style of brand shop, which opened a new chapter in the development of hardware locks. Subsequently, China's a brand graceful hardware also began in meizhou, and exclusive store form in the market, and then, house locks,swing chain factory gold atoms, point of day locks, king Arthur and exclusive store brands are in the form of meizhou, to hardware locks market has brought an unprecedented vigor.

Since then, hardware locks independent hard advertising also began to appear in all sorts of media, this also gives hardware locks industry injected fresh strength. In home outfit more personalized needs of today, consumers are beginning to focus on hardware locks products brand connotation, combined with the identity or building class, consumers are also in the choice of matching with the hardware locks products. With the development of The Times and the hardware locks the brand in the more obvious, lock enterprises gradually have their own exclusive stores, exclusive style, exclusive brand.

High quality is the primary factor

At present, China's traditional locks the overall markets capacity of about 70 billion yuan, manufacturer mainly concentrated in zhejiang, guangdong, Shanghai and shandong four, in the category of layout, including zhejiang wenzhou form traffic lock manufacturing base, zhongshan xiaolan to door lock is given priority to, zhejiang pujiang to padlock primarily.

Overall, the last march from the state quality inspection administration issued to Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, shandong, guangdong, five provinces locks and building hardware product sampling inspection result, spherical door lock, marbles in core door lock the quality of the products compared with 2008, the sampling percent of pass is improved by 6.9 and 6.4% respectively. Which is the markets, to many of the financial crisis which locks enterprise learned, meizhou locks dramatically improved the quality of the product. The author in the process of responsible market, see the market with high technical content, the quality excellent, the product more and more upscale locks.

Humanization let brand even more outstanding

The development of the industry trend from locks, the user experience and product humanization attention more and more attention, more and more locks in the production of the new locks enterprise product before, can thoroughly understand the needs of the consumers. For example: hardware locks enterprise to develop a series of for indoor use single room door of the tongue door lock, developers will from product applications, users demand, consumer habits, based on the market now to the door lock in extensive and in-depth research, combining the door factory senior customer feedback, lock body function in the new design,swing chain suppliers according to the consumer demand choose their favorite material, in order to meet the needs of the customer.

High technology to create the conditions for the brand

Along with market competition intensified day by day, and the increase of the concept of consumer brands, more and more locks enterprise pay attention to hardware locks the brand construction so as to promote the enterprise the competitive ability. In the past, the hardware locks enterprise which believes that there products can now begin to change their thinking mode, the introduction of new technology, and to pay attention to the cultivation of talents. In recent years, our country industry high technology, high added value locks and the new product emerge in endlessly, tens of millions of yuan even enterprise investment introduction of surface treatment production line, multi-function nc machine tools and machining center and other advanced production equipment of common phenomenon, many new materials, new technology, new technology and the application of developed countries synchronization.

According to the author know, meizhou hardware locks enterprise is accelerating transformation and upgrade, lock on a single product by padlock, common door lock to muti_function, as many varieties and field change, the product structure to the intelligent by a single mechanization, electronic, mechanical and electrical integration, biological recognition transition, to meet the growing market demand at home and abroad.

Lock enterprises brand awareness is enhanced

Ten years ago, meizhou are without brand age; Ten years later, meizhou hardware locks enterprise through a series of behavior tell us, their brand consciousness has enhanced markedly.


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