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Private the loading-bit lock area of ​​public sites private how can we?

Longhua Road in the middle the road south on the sidewalk, two merchants in front of her house, the placement of parking with parking lock, occupy the sidewalk. On the sidewalk in front of Pukui Street in the sea of second-hand phone market, I do not know when erected among roadside small trees angle iron, pull chains, and no parking will be permitted on the warning signs hanging on. Lot has deformed resulting circle of small wrought swing chain iron fence, activities really affect the visual impact.
Municipal Urban Management Law Enforcement and Supervision Detachment He Li Qun Captains see reports attached iron chain great importance to the matter, and immediately given instructions: Captain Zhang Lizhi contact with the news media to be removed. September 26, Zhang Lizhi, Municipal Urban Management Supervision Detachment landscaping enforcement brigade captain immediately contacted the reporter went to the merchant in front of the private security parking lock in Longhua Road, "the matter hit the papers that afternoon, Lonza District Tiefeng District the inspectors came to the scene to remove the car locked, industry, households also very actively cooperate. "Zhang said the captain. Reporter saw the scene, ground-mounted traces can still be seen, the parking lock has not seen. Lonza urban management and law enforcement officers of the brigade to use the tool, cut the the sea used mobile phone market in front of the enclosure chains.
    To longer chains enclosure ", after the holiday, the morning of Oct. 9, Zhang captain the first time linked to the reporter to return to the front of the second-hand phone market, thoroughly eradicate cut off the merchant privately erected Jiaotie of, to ensure that enclosure not happen again. 9:30, Zhang captain under the supervision of cutting workers using the angle grinder to cut the 13 stand in a small tree next to the angle iron. "Tethered chains on the wrought iron fence of malicious damage to garden facilities, which are firmly not allowed, and stand on the angle iron bar on the chains, affect road traffic, is a messy facilities is not allowed, so we follow the legal program, inform the owners after they refused to perform, so we firmly mandatory removal. "Zhang said the captain.

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