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Management story: habits and nature

 A small pillar, a length of thin chain tied maintained an extremely heavy weight of the elephant, this not absurd? This ridiculous scene everywhere in India and the state of Qin. Those tame Elephant Man, when the elephant or baby elephant with a chain tied it on the swing chain cement column or steel column, regardless of the baby elephant how struggling are unable to break free. Baby elephant gradually accustomed to not struggle, until you grew up and became an elephant can easily break free iron chain of the chains, not struggling.
    Tame the tiger would have been as successful as the tame Elephant Man, he let the Tigers childhood vegetarian raised until the Tigers. The Tiger I wonder meat, naturally do not hurt. Tame Tiger fatal error is that he threw a cross tiger licking net flow of blood on the ground, the tiger not received a lick, finally tame the tiger eat.
    The baby elephant is tied by a chain, and the elephant is tied by habit.
    Tiger once tied by habit rather tame tiger who died in habits (he has become accustomed to his tigers do not eat people).
    Habits almost tied everything, just not tied accidental. Such as bird accidentally tasted the blood of the tiger.

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