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The market observed: "winter" pretty car too warm winter car

www.shenlichain.comRecently, the weather every day and cold the snowfall yesterday brought a thick winter atmosphere, in such cold weather, the people who always want to stay in a warm environment. For car owners, car dressed cozy warmth of course essential, so the car "winter" market ushered in one of the busiest season of the year.
Yesterday, the reporter visited the city's major auto swing chain parts market started selling all kinds of winter automotive supplies. Which winter cushion, plush floor mats, steering wheel cover and other commodities, are selling up, add antifreeze to the car, the number of owners of the iron chain glass of water also increased significantly.
Cashmere cushion the most popular
Reporter visited a number of automotive supplies shop in of Wanxi Road International Motor City, noted that a variety of automotive winter supplies are placed in a conspicuous position. "Recently, the winter cushion, antifreeze, glass of water, such as selling is good." Said Mr. Zhang, an auto supply store business households.
Visited from time to time may be encountered over the owners buy the car only a year, the number of private car owners, Mr. Meng said: "Recently, every day cold weather, the car mat summer, even if open The air conditioning also think too much, and take advantage of today things less hurried over and change sets winter cushion. "owner told reporters, winter car made warm point, the car will be comfortable.
It is a family business, said, sales of automotive supplies usually not large, only to wait until the season is the business of the peak season. Which, winter and summer, business change is particularly evident. After this winter, as the temperature decreases, this side of the business began to fire up, "Almost every day people come to buy, especially in winter cushion of sales, the best day to sell has been to seven or eight sets. '
In the urban auto parts the city, many businesses operated automotive supplies naturally will not miss the seasonal period of good opportunities. "From the experience of previous years, we have to prepare in advance adequate supply, like wool cushion, thick mats, steering wheel cover, we advance into the many styles of goods." Ms Leung said that, the boss of a Jushi stores. " From the beginning of last month, there are a lot of people come to buy, where sales of cashmere cushion best product to sell out of stock, we shop. "
The antifreeze glass of water favored
Automotive supplies market, the reporter noted that, in addition to the the winter cushion, antifreeze, glass water also favored. Especially various automotive maintenance shop, do the owners of car maintenance, most requirements should add, replace the antifreeze, which is a great business opportunity for businesses are.
"The recent cold weather, many people do vehicle maintenance, most people are still very concerned about the antifreeze, the freezing point of the test, we usually do a antifreeze freezing point tests fail antifreeze has failed, we will remind owners to replace the antifreeze in a timely manner, if only reduce the surface, you only need to add antifreeze to a car supplies franchise store sales official said, "the weather gets cold, the more concerned about the car owners with antifreeze products . "
In addition, the reporter learned that, there are many owners prefer a glass of water with antifreeze function. To a glass of water with antifreeze in the winter, this is a necessity. 8 yuan, 15 yuan a bottle glass of water sold very well, this the Zhou Ganggang on new goods, have not much left, we had to also provides for a number of goods, the sales person in charge.
Sales of snow chains or warming
Winter automotive supplies, there is a hot-selling product is the anti-skid chains, usually less able to use to until Snow, sales will have a certain increase. "In the urban areas, an auto parts store, the sales staff said before members of the public came to buy snow chains, but not a lot yesterday snowing, but soon just snow and pavement and on frozen, so people temporarily come to buy snow chains is not a lot " is often run mountain people come to buy, where the road is icy winter likely. "salespeople However, in view of the situation of the past year, urban snow every time, has ushered in a wave hot tide of anti-skid chains, "There will be many owners temporarily come to buy."
It is understood that the anti-skid chains chains, rubber two. Iron snow chains, tire damage are generally large vehicles and agricultural vehicles with more than family cars generally use rubber prices around $ 600 for one pair.

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