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System Fair Gold Award went to the use of special diamond tools machine too

    Ninth China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition 2010 September 1 to September 5 at the Shenyang International Exhibition Centre. swing chain Fair to display the contents of the current system to CNC machine tools and features, industrial automation and power transmission,iron chain  general equipment and special equipment, new energy equipment and technology, and engineering machinery, comprehensive display of the professional field and introduce the most at home and abroad advanced manufacturing technology and the latest manufacturing R & D results.

    Journal of the University of the participatory Fair, launched a special-shaped stone processing machines, this machine tool can be carved in stone on the landscape, and have vivid cloud-riding god, it is difficult for enterprises and workers. And the machine tool technology to fill the domestic blank, the system won the gold medal Fair, and experts agreed to hit the highest score.

    Journal of University study in the construction of stone, shaped stone found in the mechanical processing is the blank, I learned abroad this machine, but still at the stage of technological security, not export sales. The school principal decided to research and development project. This is the school CNC machine tool research center co-operation with Shenyang Machine Tool Group's results, after 4 years was able to come out, and than the international linkage of the machine axis has raised a level, can be technically far ahead.

    This machine tool called "special stone milling machining center", with a distinctive diamond tool, the hardness of the stone can be cut any, relief and polished. In addition to its "manual dexterity", the "head" is also flexible, computer programming manufactured products, as long as the need to scan the pictures carved into the database and in computer programming, no matter how complicated the relief embossing can easily swing on it than the artificial 5 times faster on the cloud-riding god, and certainly not defective, you can still copy the number of same book. "Great Wall", "Guilin", these paintings are stone reliefs from the "craftsmen." Compared with similar foreign machine tools, Shenyang Architecture University, the price of this machine tool is only one-third of people, about 500 million, show a total of seven agents and stone processing enterprises to purchase this machine.

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