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Enterprises to lead the hardware industry in the face of adversity Breakthrough

    In 2009, the international financial crisis, in order to build China Wendeng hardware base for the goal to expand the development of key enterprises as the carrier, to technological innovation, brand building, swing chain technology innovation as the driving force, constantly optimize the development environment, increase industries attract investment, to cultivate growth of electromechanical instruments industry cluster.
    As of the end of 2009, the city's electrical and mechanical tools to more than 300 business development, sales revenue of 27.8 billion yuan.

    In early 2009, the global financial crisis spread to all sectors, iron chain and the export capacity Qicheng proportion of mechanical and electrical tools and even Jiucheng industry has inevitably been affected, there has been reduced orders, underemployment, and decreased over the same period the output value of the situation. However, mechanical and electrical tools Wendeng industry "cold" has surgery, through the timely adjustment of market direction and increase the technological input, the implementation of brand strategy, to increase product research and development, accumulation of forces, response to the crisis. May start, market, and electrical and mechanical tool industry ushered in the development of the "spring." To enter the second half is the golden season, mechanical and electrical tools business competing breakthrough.

    The leading enterprises in the industrial chain drive plays an important role. Since last year, electrical and mechanical tools Wendeng enterprises to increase investment in technological reform, the new batch of good market prospects, high technology, strong industry led a major project, the rapid expansion of industry leaders, the formation of industry cluster advantages for China's hardware industry reporting provide a solid base of strength basis. By the end, the city electrical and mechanical tools billion in annual output value of industry leading enterprises to 14, 5000 there are 34 million yuan, 500 million or above have 142. At the same time, cultivate the power of the Tools Group Co., Ltd., Pacific Cima motor, Owen Electric and a number of National Leading Enterprise in the same industry.

    Increased research and development capabilities, promoting technological progress, full use of brand resources to maximize profits, the enterprise vitality, a powerful means to seize the commanding heights of the market. At present, a powerful tool Wendeng, Owen Electric, Pacific Cima motor provincial enterprise technology development center 3, the provincial engineering technology research center 6, cultivated a large number of research and innovation team and skilled industrial workers , a business research and development and scientific and technological achievements into an important base, with "ICP" brand wrenches, "Wen Bao" brand motor and other brand-name products. In the bigger and stronger brand products, mechanical and electrical tools Wendeng city of new product development company committed to leading the market of new products to stimulate consumption. Last year, the power tool company developed a pneumatic continuous radio frequency bar code printers, wood engraving machine two high value-added products, including air radio frequency bar code printers priced as high as $ 22,000 each, received a pilot to Thailand, Malaysia and other countries and Order 40 sets the region. Now, the company accounted for each year of technology development funding more than 6% of sales, patent products accounted for more than 70% of total production, high value-added products to the power tool firmly grasp the hand tools group market, "the right to speak."
    To speed up the development of mechanical and electrical industry, Wendeng municipal government put forward "not to do everything, but to where the" development strategy, anchored the United "State" and famous enterprises and large listed companies as the main direction, strengthening the industrial projects, especially good to enterprises as the carrier of the industrial investment, mechanical and electrical tools for the rapid development of industry, has injected new vitality. May 2009, the power tool company with internationally renowned hardware manufacturer, the company held in Stanley Stanley (Wenden) Tools Co., Ltd. the contract signing ceremony, co-financing of new projects on the high-end hand tools, marking the mechanical and electrical Wendeng casting tool industry into the heavy and chemical industries and basic industries "aircraft carrier" of the new era. After completion, it can produce pliers, scissors products 35 million, sales income of 10 million. Owen was the motor and the Hong Kong company, Boss, E & M Equipment Co., Ltd. Qingdao dragons 2 production and sale of power tools to co-operate, the new power tool projects with a total investment of 3 billion. At present, the project has invested 1.8 billion yuan, more than 100 sets of imported equipment, one has been put into production.

    Electrical tools industry as the "era of China's heavy and chemical industries and basic industries." With the development of information technology, industrial technology upgrading is accelerating, the growing international market demand, small and medium motors, power tools and electrical products, tools and some moderately developed countries in Europe have a larger market. Therefore, cultivating a group of industry and trade integration, with brand-name products, competitive market, large enterprises and groups, building a pool of scientific and technological strength, scale and brand strength, the influence of the "aircraft carrier", to accelerate the industrial development potential in the inevitable. To this end, Wendeng is actively planning to establish mechanical and electrical hardware tools industry, trading center of production and product information exchange platform for the industry to accelerate market Wendeng Yiwu Yongkang hardware city market building, the formation of electrical and mechanical hardware tools needed for production of industrial development information market, accelerate the development pace of industrial clusters, to achieve mechanical and electrical tools industry Wendeng leaps and bounds.

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