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Traditional industries to environmental protection to upgrade the War the South China Sea into a model underwear

    3 years ago, there was a "notorious" and "garbage village", swing chain you can see the waste recovery and processing of small workshops, there are, of course the stench was durable.

    3 years later, into a piece of low, small workshops to be cleared, persistent odor dissipated. Here, known as the "Guangzhou-Foshan International Trade City," high-end business industry and modern service industry, iron chain will completely replace the existing low-end industrial form.

    United Kau, in the "first town of Chinese aluminum" and Dali, is destined to leave such a splendid touch. From the area from 3 to 3 years before the new changes, concentration of the city of Dali in order to promote industrial upgrading, environmental protection the whole idea.

    Can be said that Dali from the "manufacturing" to "intelligence-made" changes, we began environmental protection. The United Kau, is one of a microcosm.

    The environmental benefits of the traditional industries of Shame.

    As the most economically active South China Sea, is the most developed areas of traditional manufacturing industries, Dali Town, accumulated in the industrialization phase of a large number of seed capital, blossom everywhere small and medium enterprise shall be the best evidence.

    After 30 years of development, the economic model of this extensive operation, has clearly exposed weakness.

    Dali was the most beautiful town in the United Kau waste plastic recycling and processing industry for example. According to incomplete statistics, including unregistered "black plants", are associated Kau waste plastic processing plants before there is thousands, tens of thousands of employees who will be re-recycled waste plastics dissolved into the production of plastic products, raw materials, which were Lee model in terms of small workshops in general, you can earn 50,000 yuan a year or so, the number of processing machines, are more profitable; the same time, villagers rely on joint rental Kau plant, on the tens of millions a year profit or even billion, which is also a bonus and welfare of the villagers the main source of income.

    But with revenue growth, the rapid deterioration of the environment, not only dusty, pungent odor, is also black stinking river. Kau Village, a joint recall of the life environment, with a "very bad" words to describe it, and even breathing are suffering.

    This original extensive management, and soon let the United Kau tasted consequences, not only environmental degradation, and subsequent weak industrial development. In the surrounding Guicheng and Guangzhou, have emerged in the form of high-level industries, the United Kau still in the "garbage village" of the embarrassing situation, but even if the village would like to introduce emerging industry patterns, but also because of environmental restrictions and land capacity can not find direction.

    United Kau brought the traditional industries of environmental protection of the martyrs, not uncommon in Dali. High-tech Zone, Guangdong Finance and Guicheng only by a river of Yue Lisha Industrial Area, has long caught in the end of the scrap metal recycling, industrial hardware processing workshops in shape, not only throughout the Area, "rusty", film and the surrounding area Residents in these small workshops pungent odor caused by troubled complaints continue; and as a first group of "village fire, smoke every family," the village-level economic entities, Cao border village of little more than 60 workshop-style low-end enterprise, not only low dilapidated factory, air and water pollution has also been obvious.

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