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Stainless steel stamping pump industry leading official launch of the South Pump IPO

    Hangzhou Nanfang Special Pump Industry Co., Ltd. (the "Southern Pump"), published in today's IPO prospectus, to be issued no more than 2,000 shares. This indicates that China's stainless steel stamping pump industry leading enterprises will officially visit A shares.

    South Bengye is the first research and development and large-scale production of stainless steel stamping and welding centrifugal pump manufacturers, swing chain the main products are welded stainless steel stamping centrifugal pump, of which CDL series vertical multistage centrifugal pump and the CHL is a series of horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump the company's leading products. Its sales, market awareness and product quality are ranked first domestic counterparts.

    As the pump industry in the vanguard of stainless steel stamping business, iron chain our products are widely used in water treatment, building water supply, industrial cleaning, air conditioning, water cycle, pharmaceutical and food industries. Its products have been successfully applied to many famous enterprises and projects, such as the Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai Jinmao Tower, China Pavilion and so on.

    Southern Pump centrifugal always been committed to the field of stamping and welding of stainless steel production and research specialization, the establishment of the domestic pump industry leading R & D R & D team and advanced management system, product performance, quality control and technology remain the industry leader . Has 47 patents, the rapid expansion of sales volume and year by year. Performance of the company continued to grow last three years ,2007-2009, the company increased operating income from the 28,275.94 to 39,693.35 million yuan, net profit attributable to shareholders increased to 4,669.47 million by the 2,194.96 million, operating income and attributable to the parent compound annual growth rate of net profit to shareholders was 18.48%, 45.85%

    Said, with the continued growth of China's macroeconomic, making in all areas, including stainless steel stamping and welding to the main centrifugal pump, including the demand for general machinery products to further enhance, general equipment manufacturing industry to China and other emerging countries to gradually transfer, industry is becoming increasingly accumulated, This pump has put forward higher requirements.

    The balance of the company will raise funds for the construction of water supply equipment and pump products, technological innovation and R & D projects, and further strengthen research and development, expand production capacity while promoting the rapid development of the domestic pump industry, enhance the company's overall strength and profitability.

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