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Enterprises urged to promote innovation knives, scissors Yangjiang contrarian up volume

    Autumn Fair 2010 was sunset on November 4 under the curtain. In recent days, not only to companies thinking about how to digest the Canton Fair orders and information on the harvest, many people are asking and discussion, this session of the Canton Fair is the Yangjiang municipal enterprises increase or decrease orders?
    After each Canton Fair, thinking and discussions like this will be hot for a while, swing chain but this time stronger and more durable thermal obviously, because before the holding of the Fair, outside the expected depreciation of the dollar, inflation expectations within the situation complex . From this hot topic,iron chain the author first heard a voice that is: in a complex context, this transaction exceeded expectations.

    Company turnover than expected.

    Yangjiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce to provide such a set of statistics: Yangjiang City, the first transaction of the branch transactions $ 14,430,000, the second turnover of $ 158,750,000, the third turnover of $ 6,390,000, up 8% than last year. Not only significantly increased business orders, and some small businesses also received a big order, and prices improved.

    Board official said, for orders, both the transaction price increase, enterprises generally reflect a more satisfied. Foreign trade business owners said the participants to judge the situation before more pessimistic, which directly reduce the scale of the expected value of the transaction results. The owner of anonymity said the Municipal Bureau of Commerce data are consistent with the actual situation.
    Innovation to a change in the status quo.

    About the reasons for this year's trade turnover growth, small company CEOs Huang Chunyao Star, said he attended the Canton Fair for many years, I feel two years after the financial crisis, Yangjiang company's most obvious change is innovation driving force is greater, from the inner product quality, packaging and service the external style to have a positive and profound changes.

    Intech is a trading company launched earlier Yangjiang City, ceramic knife business. Afraid to throw hard and brittle ceramic knife for the weakness, the company improve the production process, in this year's trade fell continuously pioneered ceramic knife. There are many companies like this.

    "Volume is secondary, image display, brand building is the most important." Huangchun Yao said. Fair Yangjiang business understanding and grasp of the platform has significantly improved the level, he believes it is the quality of entrepreneurs in the "Metamorphosis." Municipal Bureau of Commerce responsible person would have confirmed this statement: companies have chosen the best quality, style and the latest product exhibition, and to focus on a booth on the exhibit.

    Yangjiang City, have 93 companies participating in this Fair, which has its own brand of more than 30, the turnover of these companies are great. Municipal Bureau of Commerce to provide this information shows that the full range of innovative companies will be able to a change the status quo.
    Surviving exporters worry.

    The market is not as bad as originally expected, and this is a good deal of exhibitors Yangjiang a big external factors. Cai vigorous early morning trade company manager told the author, as the main export market, Yangjiang, Yangjiang U.S. economic recovery in weak companies on the impact of the Fair is not small, however, European investors eye-catching performance at the show, not only to more people and order when a relatively strong performance of the purchasing power. He estimated the amount of profits from the export point of view, the U.S. export 100 million U.S. dollars, exports to EU countries not as good as $ 600,000.

    Before the opening of the Fair, "exchange rate" is the hottest man of the word, but now it is not hot. Cai said the early morning, compared to six months before the Spring Fair, the RMB against the U.S. dollar is less than three percentage points, the enterprise through innovation essentially digest the price increases. And he believed that our government is able to control the magnitude of change in the RMB exchange rate and rhythm, so, from the international market this external factors, Yangjiang export enterprises can survive.

    Yangjiang export business tomorrow is not also a beautiful spring it? Municipal Bureau of Commerce of staff from the Canton Fair, the information collected shows that many companies are still worried about the face of large orders, orders and not take long. They are mainly concerned about two issues: when the order increases, the opportunity to price hikes of raw materials suppliers; when companies rush delivery, the "helper team" wild speculations. Raw materials, labor costs soaring two, and fluctuations, uncertainty strong, so overwhelming, Yangjiang export enterprises, confused.

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