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Leading into the bathroom bathroom cabinet bathroom cabinet should pay attention to what to buy

    Di Zhongshan Sanitary Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2009, the United States launched a refrigerator-style bathroom cabinet, the refrigerator's fresh bacteria applied to the bathroom cabinet design and production of products which provide consumers with completely different from the previous bathroom cabinet consumer experience, swing chain which products can be described as a revolution in the bathroom, causing widespread concern in the industry.
    It is understood that the product in addition to environmental protection, performance, etc., but also broke through the bathroom cabinet should not be limited to mass production, since the market last year, iron chain the country has more than 300 dealers, there are more than 40 countries around the world in sales this money products.

    Currently, nationwide, except for some sporadic small local brands, most of the bathroom cabinet manufacturers mainly in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Sichuan and Fujian four places, Shanghai and Beijing also has a small part. With both Guangdong and Zhejiang, the geographical, industrial chain, talent and technology, resources, logistics and other advantages, the product of the radiation capacity, competitiveness and influence is far greater than other places, and the several parts of the bathroom cabinet, bathroom, Guangdong Province counter the most advantage and competitiveness.
    Today, to give us a presentation, bathroom cabinets in the selection and installation time to note some of the things that will make you rely upon.

    Choose to remember the simplicity of the three elements.

      On structural point of view, wall-mounted bathroom cabinets and floor can be divided into two broad categories. Wall-mounted, that is completely separate from the main cabinet and the ground, hanging on the wall. With the ground because of its isolation, can play a good role in the partition. The main stand is on the ground floor type.

    From the material point of view, is divided into solid wood bathroom cabinet, PVC, stainless steel and other types. According to Yang Jie, deputy general manager of introduction, PVC bathroom cabinet, relatively inexpensive, water-resistant material. The main part of solid wood bathroom cabinets are solid wood. The surface of the solid wood cabinet usually 7 to 10 layers of lacquer paint to the surface water absorption of below 5%. Therefore, solid wood bathroom cabinet material is not easy to deformation due to moisture and so on.

    In terms of price, PVC, Stainless steel bathroom cabinet is relatively cheap, but solid wood is more expensive in price, the price is usually a thousand dollars.

    Bathroom sales personnel, must also be careful in the selection of cabinet wood is uniform inspection, color is delicate painted surfaces, locker smell smell whether these are good or bad you can identify the criteria for bathroom cabinet .

    Installation skills are important.

    Bathroom cabinet is essential not only in the choice of the installation is also very demanding.

    Sales Specialist Description bathroom, installing hanging bathroom cabinet, it must select the load-bearing walls for hanging. If you are installing floor-standing bathroom cabinets, install cabinet side out as far as possible by foot, so that the force balance enclosure. When in place to see the four cabinet feet are smooth.

    In addition, in the bathroom cabinet installation, be sure to check there is no Diaoqi, mirrors and cabinets are installed level.

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