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Sharp drop in exports of rare earth in China in October soaring international prices

    Bloomberg China Customs to send an e-mail, this year's total export volume of rare earth in China in October compared to last month has declined by 77%.
    This is July of this year China's domestic economic demand to meet the export quota of 40% reduction since the exports of rare earths largest single month decline occurred. At the same time, swing chain the international emergence of the main rare-earth prices soared exponentially.

    RE is yttrium, europium, samarium, neodymium oxide metal elements 17 special general term for minerals, commonly used in radar, iron chain hybrid cars, fiber optic cables and missiles. China is a big country of rare earth, holds nearly 90% of the rare earth export market.

    Provided by the General Administration of Customs data show that total October exports of rare earths in China was only 830 tons, considerably less than in September of 3660 tons. In the first 10 months of cumulative total rare earth export 32,990 tons.

    Analysts said China will promote the export of rare earth limit further price increases. China's restrictions on the export of rare earth in America, Germany and other countries caused the dissatisfaction. Some people worry that China will launch new initiatives next year, limit the export of rare earth.

    l-Pages provides the data, commonly used in the semiconductor polishing cerium oxide (ceumoxide), the price has been spiking upward over the past six months, six times, and other raw materials have more than doubled. Data show that from April 20 to October 19 in six months, cerium oxide prices have a large $ 4.7 per kg rose 36 dollars. Neodymium magnets used in the manufacture (Neodymium), from April 41 dollars per kg rose to 92 dollars.

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