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Jiangsu Province, a province in import and export of hardware and electromechanical industry

    The morning of November 13, Jiangsu Province, the Third Council of Federation of Chamber of Commerce Hardware & Electrical Jiangyan in Jiangsu Province town of High Shen grand opening.
    Around the metal industry, from Jiangsu Province, more than one hundred enterprises attended the meeting. Hardware City Ltd. swing chain Jiangsu, East China Ping, chairman of weeks to re-election in Jiangsu Province Chamber of Commerce Federation of mechanical and electrical hardware.

    Hardware & Electrical Industry of China after decades of accumulation and steady improvement, production is now the largest country in the world, more than 10% annual growth rate. Jiangsu is industrial production and import and export of mechanical and electrical hardware province, mechanical and electrical hardware in the country plays an important role in the industry.

    Hardware & Electrical Industry and Commerce Association, Jiangsu Province, has gone through 10 years of glorious history. iron chain Past 5 years, a group of electrical and mechanical hardware and electrical and mechanical hardware manufacturers China and the world market has become well-known or well-known brands, such as the Chamber of Commerce of East China City Hardware Co., Ltd. Jiangsu units; executive vice president: Jiangsu days Dart kinds of tools Co., Ltd., Wuxi Weida Hardware Company, Nantong emerging special metal materials Co., Ltd.; vice president of the Unit: Jiangsu Heavenly Group, Jiangsu East into power tools Co., Ltd., Nantong, Kohei electric tools, CNC machine tools Co., Ltd. Chongqing, Nanjing Nanjing, Jiangsu Ming Fat Group Jiangsu Lianhong Automation Co., Ltd., a large number of enterprises in this field, proven track record, won several national, provincial and municipal various awards, some as a national high-tech industries; others through technical innovation, a national energy saving row pioneer; some attention to independent research and development, with many independent intellectual property rights; Some Over the years, have low-end manufacturing enterprise into a modern management enterprise. These enterprises have become the local taxpayer. Danyang, Zhangjiagang, Qidong, Jiangyan and other places has been formed clusters Hardware & Electrical tools production base in China and the world, the land of peer attention.

    Bing said that weeks before the next mechanical and electrical hardware Jiangsu Federation of Industry Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce will and plan development planning, strengthening cooperation with sister associations in membership with the government, business and the market play a bridge and link between the role of mechanical and electrical hardware guide Jiangsu restructuring and development of industrial upgrading to promote more business bigger and stronger mechanical and electrical hardware.

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