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Strong domestic demand in China ranks the world's largest construction machinery market

    Strong domestic demand driven and infrastructure, driven by continued warming, China has leapt to the world's largest construction machinery market. China's share of global construction machinery market share from 7% 10 years ago and quickly climbed to 31% last year.

    According to vice president of CCPIT Machinery Sub Zhou Weidong, last year global sales of 131 billion U.S. swing chain dollars of construction machinery, of which China accounted for 31%, or 40.61 billion U.S. dollars. And compared with 2000, Western Europe accounted for the proportion of the global construction equipment market, from 30% to 14.47% last year, North America from 36% to 12.37%, Japan from 15% to 3.8%. Some experts predict that by 2015, demand for construction machinery market in China will reach 134 billion U.S. dollars.

    China's construction machinery market in rapid expansion, the fundamental reason is that China's rapid economic growth, iron chain domestic demand expansion and infrastructure construction continues to heat up. Among them, China's railway mileage, from last year's 86,000 km to 120,000 km in 2020 above; highway mileage from last year's 65,000 km in 2020 to 100,000 km; urban housing area per household, from 2008 to 60 square meters to 90 square meters in 2020; energy construction by 2020 China will invest eight trillion yuan. These have a direct stimulus to the development of China's construction machinery market growth.

    Last year, China's construction machinery market sales of 40.61 billion U.S. dollars, imports of construction machinery worth 5.15 billion, accounting for about 12.7%. Faced with such a huge market, national construction machinery manufacturers are gearing up, looking forward to get more share. To participate in this year's exhibition domestic and foreign enterprises of construction machinery reached a record 1,858, an increase over the previous 250.

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