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Future hardware and building materials prices will be subject to exchange rate and price effects of production

    For some time, hardware and building materials in China rise and fall of commodity export prices will depend on exchange rates and changes in the prices of production.
    If a more substantial exchange rate appreciation of the recent, non-ferrous metal prices continue to climb,swing chain export prices will undoubtedly rise, but export prices do not represent the hardware and building materials industry in China entered a virtuous development.

    In the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's foreign trade business has withstood the severe test of the international financial crisis. Process in the face of crisis, China CCCMC adhere to the scientific outlook on development to guide the work of chambers of commerce, has made gratifying achievements and accumulated valuable experience. In the move towards "second five" critical period, I interviewed the president of Minmetals Chamber of Commerce, Xu Xu, recalled the "Eleventh Five-Year" period of the achievements and experiences, earnest discussions of the Chamber of Minerals and Chemicals industry thinking, and look in the new five-year plan, Minmetals Chamber of Commerce, Minmetals industry faces opportunities and challenges.

    I: In the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the industry has withstood the severe impact of financial crisis,iron chain Minmetals became the industry hardest hit by foreign anti-dumping. To this end, Minmetals Chamber of Commerce in helping and guiding development of the industry which has done important work?

    PROCEEDINGS: This year, as the global economic recovery, Minerals and Chemicals industry has been through the most difficult period. However, international trade protectionism as the economic recovery and has become increasingly rampant in some countries to protect their own industries abuse of trade remedy measures, Minerals and Chemicals industry, foreign anti-dumping has become the hardest hit.

    To this end, Minmetals Chamber of Commerce in the "actively respond and heroic struggle against" the spirit of the amount of work. Among them, the U.S. government and steel industry subsidies, my allegations, chambers of commerce to take the initiative, the two organizations produced a "White Paper on Sino-US steel trade," several groups lobbying the United States, the United States effectively rejected the "Chinese steel threat theory."

    In addition, in the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, I will take various measures to strengthen the Chamber of Commerce of the industry guidance. In export coordination, Minmetals Chamber of Commerce to promote innovation and coordination of merchandise exports of raw materials, optimize the export structure, increase export competitiveness of manufactured goods.

    The import of coordination, coordination Minmetals Import Chamber of Commerce set up a leading group and the branch of oil, fertilizer, iron ore, steel, copper, lead, zinc and other imported goods focus on coordination. Minmetals Chamber of Commerce to further strengthen the iron ore, potash, copper concentrate imports such as monitoring and coordination.

    I: In the 108th Canton Fair, Minmetals Chamber of Commerce issued to enterprises in the industry more than 100 questionnaires, feedback found in these sectors in China Minmetals what the existing problems? Chamber of Commerce, advice and guidance in place?

    PROCEEDINGS: In the 108th Canton Fair, Minmetals chemical products within 3 days total turnover 1.95 billion, compared with growth of 18.94% over the same period the 107th.

    Results of the questionnaire reflected by the international raw material prices and exchange rate fluctuations, companies not quoted on the export price increases, rising costs will only internalize the pressure, but low-profit enterprises such as long-term environment in the run to not to mention the investment in innovation, which is unfavorable for the industry.

    Exports in the current Minerals and Chemicals industry suffered after the financial crisis, many export enterprises less competitive out of the market, making it the industry's leading companies to survive in situations where the recovery in demand more and more market share number of orders.

    For some time, hardware and building materials in China rise and fall of commodity export prices will depend on exchange rates and changes in the prices of production, if the RMB exchange rate have a more significant appreciation of the recent, non-ferrous metal prices continue to climb, export prices will rise no doubt, but the export prices do not represent the hardware and building materials industry in China entered a virtuous development. During the fair, the individual products on offer in the export has not increased, but there price Price Competition in the scene.

    Gradually with the external economic recovery, the international purchasing power has gone up, but Europe and other major markets is not very clear the economic situation, the overall external trade environment is still not optimistic, a considerable number of export enterprises will also profit, weak anti-risk capability state of survival. China to adjust export policy should be timely, such as raising the export tax rebate rate of response measures, in order to ensure the healthy development of hardware and building materials industries.

    I: What Prospects "Twelve Five", Chamber of Commerce, which will be the layout and planning?

    Xu Xu: "Twelve Five-Year" plan proposed that "in order to speed up the transformation of economic development the main line is the only way to promote the scientific development." Minerals industry as the main task is to promote foreign trade growth pattern, accelerating the development and the development of new energy, new materials industries, the reasonable control of total energy consumption, improve energy efficiency; strengthen the responsibility of assessing energy efficiency goals; accelerate the development of resource recycling industry strengthen the comprehensive management of mineral resources; strengthen geological exploration of energy and mineral resources, conservation, rational development, the formation of strategic continuation of energy and mineral resources area, the establishment of important mineral resources reserve system; speed up the implementation of the "going out" strategy, macro-guidance and services, maintenance China's overseas interests, prevent risks; in the circulation and promote industrial upgrading.

    Minmetals chemical industry in the transformation of economic development to accelerate the process, you need to do the following aspects of work:

    First, to promote foreign trade growth pattern. Including the promotion of new energy, new materials for industrial development, with emphasis on the coordination of strategic resource management, energy conservation, do a good job, good job to change the way services.

    Second, promote the operation of the model. Including the "going out" strategy of combining a good grasp of mineral imports and energy saving work; and summary of the combined experience of REACH regulations deal with all-round help businesses cope with a variety of technical trade regulations; and 20 years of combined experience Chamber of Commerce, innovation and product coordination mode.

    Third, to promote self-management changes. That promote the marketization process, speed up the process of internationalization.

    All in all, lead the industry on the strategic adjustment of industrial structure, promote the Minerals and Chemicals industry long-term healthy development of foreign trade will be a long-term task Minmetals Chamber of Commerce.

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