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Instances of purchase of the cabinet package Do not be abused and lead to business

    Now is the fitting season, marks the National Day Golden Week, the building materials not only between the sale of war in full swing, it is full of tricks, variety of eye-catching promotional idea after another.
    Cabinet advertising package which is even more spectacular play, the original cabinets expensive people can not imagine, once complete the sale, the people can not imagine a more low-cost homes. Looking at the dazzling advertisements,swing chain many consumers confused, fell from the sky in this pie is true? Editor consulted the professionals, experts told editors, in fact, like most building materials are also small profits, to take to help the consumer marketing model. But be wary of unscrupulous diamond traders, "loopholes" in order to consumers under the cover, to induce consumers to jump off the trap.

    Case I: substitution of the hardware package.

    In the exhibition hall, Wang saw the whole cabinet hinges are all sea-Di poetry; drawer opened easily and automatically rebound, iron chain basket and hinges and other hardware texture are good, so that Mr. Wang is very satisfied with everything . To buy back the packages it, do not Withdrawing drawer, pull out the feeling is very astringent! To be sure, the hardware was transferred the package. Sales staff are committed to a change in the original (complete with your samples) that the package in order to reduce the price, is to reduce the number of configurations, the hardware may be some use made in China.

    Reminder: Do not be "low price for high product" got the best of psychological complacency, dazzled, although the cabinet package "overall" for sale, be sure to observe and pay attention to details, the inspection should also be particularly careful, not to the effect.

    Case II: the designer not familiar with the use of consumer psychology, secretive, evasive.

    Miss Liu is also a package buy cabinet, designers do not always conceal the facts tell her charges. Miss Liu range hood, and put that equipment or sterilizer parts of microwave ovens is not a partition wall cabinet in the package, it was agreed that the designer's design. But when the cabinet to do, before we know some of the above is based on wall cabinet and base cabinet also includes charging the full price, so Container handling part of the course requirements beyond the scope of the original price to other charges. In more than angry, Miss Liu found that there is no range hood cabinet doors, installed after the cabinets and range hood is also a difference between at least 2-3 cm, such as blanket with a big mouth. Ms. Liu thought that since pricing is based on Container handling fees, then it should be no problem installing a roof. Bahrain, the designer says, this partition to the other charges 100 yuan, according to package buy cabinet must register no less than by meter of how much cheaper to buy.

    Reminder: do not understand we must ask, if the designers do not understand about themselves, or secretive, it is better to abandon the purchase.

    Case III: "non-standard" to add money.

    Mr. Zhang chose a cabinet, the cabinet of the package promotions like this: package includes 3-3.3 plus 2-2.4 meter of the bottom meter of the top cabinet cabinet, send hook, a basket, range hoods, kitchen units, three drawer. A full set of cabinets containing a variety of electrical appliances, Mr. Zhang that the price is affordable, so pay a 200 yuan deposit, waiting for the designers to come to measure design. Until the time of drawing out, the designer told him that the company's required standard cabinet is 350 × 450 × 600 cm, and according to the characteristics of his home kitchen, to shorten the size of the cabinet, each cabinet to increase 50 element, doing more than the price of package promised befriend hundreds of pieces. Zhang angry.

    Reminder: It is said that the cabinet is divided into non-standard is the industry standard and very common thing, so reminding consumers ask before buying.

    Some netizens said that almost everyone now knows, the package price is not the actual price of the decoration of the place, the project must have a term such as the increase, designers will explain what is not included in the package, but then lists the menu for a very, very complicated, and sometimes can not cover all. Some people tend to choose the class package decoration scheme, in addition to plan a low price, selection of building materials would also like to save time. I hope the cabinet package products can simplify, for example, since the cabinet could only get half, might as well not to send, and keep the margin to the other "semi" is a project done, so that consumers can understand that many, but also to avoid a confused wrangling the coming war.

    Weapon: Details of the contract signed, do not throw a clearly written.

    The above cases, the ultimate consumer at a disadvantage, have said the purchase of cabinets are too complacent, there is no contract or signed a contract is not detailed and comprehensive, can not protect their own interests. In fact, the cabinet has many benefits package, not only is the price cheap, convenient and eliminates the trouble of rushing to buy, but also because all the products are selected from a home purchase, the service can be fully protected . But the best package or choose to buy the regular cabinet brand, if Amoy to other cheaper brands, but can not guarantee the products, be sure to sign the contract, and other details should write clearly, one does not leave out, so as to avoid falling business "package price" trap!

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