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Jiangsu Jiang Xing Cheng Special Steel Investigation of green development model

    I was informed that research at the grassroots level, Jiangsu Jiang Xingcheng Special Steel Company to rely on scientific and technological strength, the initiative to change the mode of development, and actively carry out independent innovation, and vigorously promote energy conservation.
    Out of the traditional steel industry traps, breaking the monopoly of international technology, access to a number of world first, the interpretation of the "science and technology Tempered Steel," the concept of scientific development of circular economy to achieve the goal, giving China's steel industry development with a profound revelation.

    - Technology Innovation is Xing Xing Cheng Special Steel plant classes.

    For a long time, China's steel industry is taking the "order to win," the road.swing chain However, due to lack of independent innovation, combined with international technological monopoly, China's steel development is not only slow, but low level, so restricts the steel industry and downstream industries.

    It is understood that in November 1993, Jiangyin Steel Mill and the Hong Kong CITIC Pacific [20.502.24%] a joint venture of the "River Xingcheng Special Steel Co., Ltd.", and adhere to independent innovation. iron chain Under the guidance of this idea, Xing Cheng Special Steel built a technology city, and has become the largest steel producing companies and 500 Chinese enterprises, the annual 300 million tons steel gifted, is the largest special steel "alternative import "the production and export base. Imported from Germany a production line, with the steel, refining, continuous casting, rolling "four in one" advantage, with eddy current ultrasonic inspection methods, known as China's steel industry "first line", after innovation after another completion of the Phase II and III, for the world's major automotive manufacturers, wind power shipbuilding, bridge construction, petrochemical and machinery industries and automotive sheet metal with a special steel bars, a number of product index ranked first in the world.

    The world has entered the era of information society and knowledge economy, science and technology are primary productive forces, talent is the primary resource, talent, talent reuse, we must firmly establish the concept of human-centered. Over the years, Xing Cheng insisted the technology works, people-oriented. From the engineering and technical personnel, business management skills to employees, everyone has the growth channel, anyone can post useful, Xing Cheng received every year a group of technicians technicians and senior technicians title, number of employees are paid each year Master's, Ph.D. degree.

    Xing Cheng Special Steel this year's Institute was established, at present, senior researchers in 377 volumes, of which 5 senior researcher level, 26 senior engineers, doctors, 29 graduate students, employ 15 foreign experts, 30 national experts , initially formed a metallurgical processes and metal-based multi-level expert groups and personnel structure for independent innovation Xingcheng laid the foundation of talent. At the same time, the company vigorously nurture and attract talent, use talent boldly and vigorously encourage innovation, foster "tolerance of failure, encouraging innovation, teamwork, the pursuit of excellence" corporate culture, to create new materials, high quality special steel, special steel building New technology innovation leader in the Highlands and Special Steel R & D Talents.

    Xing Cheng Special Steel to rely on science and technology, with innovative technologies to achieve a series of breakthroughs in the steel industry out of the traditional traps, breaking the monopoly of international technology, and has become the leading enterprise of the steel industry, by international peer recognition and attention. Currently, Xing Cheng has become a national key high-tech enterprises, 21 enterprises of information technology benchmarking, the establishment of a National Technology Center and the nationally recognized testing centers, the establishment of a post-doctoral research station. The company has three international quality system certification, the establishment of a national steel industry's most comprehensive quality assurance system. Currently, the company has 12 state-level new products, 43 high-tech products in Jiangsu Province, undertake national research programs of 12 torch has been granted and 70 national patents.
    - Xingcheng Special Steel quality is the legislature of the plant.

    As the fine steel base, Xingcheng Special Steel has become a professional production of automotive steel, bearing steel, gear steel, alloy spring steel, high pressure boiler tubes of steel, oil steel, wind power steel, steel cord production base and export base, widely used in automotive, railway, marine, petroleum, chemical, mechanical, electrical and military fields. Various types of special steel sold to more than 40 countries and regions. China has won the brand-winning Xingcheng card bearing steel, respectively, to obtain the Swedish SKF, German FAG, Japan NSK bearing manufacturers world-renowned companies such as certification, production and sales ranked first in China, the world. Xing Cheng Special Steel has become the GM, Volkswagen, Toyota and Honda and China FAW, SAIC and other important materials for the company's suppliers.

    Requirements of the domestic rail train speed round with a spring fatigue life increased from 100 million to 300 million times. Xing Cheng got the news immediately after the science and technology research organization, to produce the fatigue life of the spring bar beyond 300 million, 500 million times, and even 10 million times, reached the international top level in the Ministry of Railways bidding in one fell swoop, changed trains to use spring steel imports of history.

    Currently, Xing Cheng Special Steel production of high-pressure boiler tube steel has been widely used in Harbin Boiler Works, Dongfang Boiler Factory, Shanghai Boiler Works. Steel tube wells API certified by the American Petroleum Institute, Daqing Oil Field and used in Shengli Oilfield. The world's first largest alloy billet - 800 mm diameter round billet, produced exclusively by the Xing Cheng, for the manufacture of high-pressure boiler tubes, wind power, chemical and machinery industry of the large bearings, flanges, gears, etc., more than the foreign the level of international demand, domestic and foreign counterparts have come to learn.

    Through independent innovation, Xing Cheng also developed the smallest diameter, drawing to 0.12 mm, known as the Pearl of the crown of metal products steel cord SC92A is Bekaert and "Michelin" designated suppliers, has been in short supply; innovation developed by high strength, high toughness, corrosion-resistant steel for marine mooring chain, accounting for 30% global market share, more than 75% of the domestic market, when the Gulf of Mexico after a typhoon, a number of international oil drilling platforms offshore Only Xingcheng Special production of steel chain is not broken, Xing Cheng Special Steel is famous overseas.

    Today, 10 million tons level Xingcheng dedicated terminal stretch of the Yangtze river depths, from around the world to greet the ship, carrying ore, carrying the burden, continue to sail here; starting from Xingcheng? The wheel carrying steel, carrying fine, from here to sail around the world.
    - Circular economy is Xing Cheng Special Steel's development.

    Iron and steel industry is a traditional industry is capital-intensive, resource-intensive, technology-intensive industries, while another is a high energy consumption industries. "Fifteen" since, according to reduction, reuse, recycle principle, the company invested a total investment of energy reduction of over 10 billion project, and actively building a conservation-oriented enterprises, the development of circular economy. Now derive economic benefits each year than 3 billion yuan, twice a year is equivalent to 50 million tons of standard coal for energy recovery, and achieved remarkable economic, environmental and social benefits.

    In recent years, has introduced a eight Xingcheng energy projects, relying on its solid technological strength built through independent innovation, "to air on behalf of the oil," the first regenerative furnace steel industry, blast furnace gas with low calorific value fuel oil or natural gas alternative As a steel rolling heating furnace fuel, annual energy savings of about 10 million tons of standard coal equivalent. Through innovation, investment about 2.2 billion yuan into blast furnace Steam blower, the use of blast furnace gas as a boiler fuel to generate steam turbine driven direct drive furnace blower, reducing the consumption driven by steam power and then fan the two energy conversion, increased energy utilization, the annual savings of about 20 million tons of standard coal.

    Currently, Xingcheng rely on technological innovation EAF the lowest level of power consumption per ton of steel is only 3.5 tons of fresh water consumption, water recycling rate of 96%, leading the country at the international advanced level. The company has a comprehensive utilization power plant, the traditional process to collect waste heat power generation, power self-sufficiency rate of 50%, but also supplies heat to the vast amount of steam, cement and other raw materials. All the company achieved a 100% dust emissions, waste water treatment rate of 100% pass rate of discharge of pollutants to 100%, 100% solid waste utilization, energy conservation company in Jiangsu Province Ten Best Enterprises and garden plants.

    Through a series of energy saving measures, Xing Cheng Special Steel comprehensive energy consumption per ton of steel in 2009 reached 610 kg of standard coal, million yuan output value reached 1102 kg of standard coal consumption per ton of steel smoke (powder) dust emission reaches 0.52 kg sulfur dioxide emissions per ton of steel reached 0.86 kilograms, the indicators in the international forefront.

    Xing Cheng Special Steel walking in the factory, the traditional steel industry, "smoke, dust, waste water," the image has completely disappeared, is full of "clean, neat, green lawn." Xing Cheng Special Steel into a green home, sustainable development of circular economy, green homes.

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