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Shenzhen Metro escalator cause of the accident found that: loose bolt caused by retrograde

     Shenzhen authorities on December 15 announcement that the market surveillance department of the Shenzhen City, a preliminary inspection showed that the field organization, killing 25 passengers injured in the subway escalator accident, initially identified as the cause of the accident caused by loose bolts.

     Escalator accident has not yet been re-opened.

     The day before yesterday to go to work early the morning peak period, the Shenzhen Metro Line Trade Station V escalator sudden failure, resulting in retrograde is a sudden rapid upward escalator down,swing chain killing 25 passengers (the number of injuries previously announced 24 people) were injured. The market surveillance department of the Shenzhen Municipal preliminary inspection on the spot, identified as the initial cause of the accident caused by loose bolts.

     Express reporter yesterday learned from Shenzhen Metro Co., Ltd., Shenzhen market supervision department of the Metro escalator failures of the investigation results as: "failure of the six host escalator loose bolts, one bolt was cut off, so that the host support Block shift, caused by drive chain from the sprocket, iron chain upward escalator under the weight of the passengers fell, causing the passengers injured, the more reason, pending further investigation analysis. "

     Night of the incident, the Shenzhen Metro Co., Ltd. has arranged the night escalator maintenance companies one by one on the subway escalators were similar targeted checks to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

     Injured pregnant woman has been discharged.

     9 are still receiving hospital treatment or observation.

     Express News reporter Huang Xuemin reported Express reporter that, as at 17:00 on December 15, because the incident was taken to hospital for treatment of a total of 25 passengers had been returning home from the hospital 16 passengers (including a pregnant woman ), is still hospitalized for treatment of injured passengers, six, leaving the passengers to hospital for observation 3.

     According to the doctor's initial diagnosis, the majority Sometimes no casualties, hospital had no life-threatening injuries. At present, passenger injured in a stable condition, the Shenzhen All injured passengers, the Corporation will continue to accompany and visit one on one track, and every effort aftermath.

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