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The development potential of China's hardware industry, where many aspects?

    China's hardware industry trends and prospects:

    1. China as a global hardware manufacturing center will further secure the gradual improvement of economic infrastructure,swing chain industrial development is more mature and lower labor costs, has become a global manufacturing center of the comparative advantages of hardware, the hardware industry was export-oriented development features.
    Center to strengthen the first in recent years, overall growth in exports of metal products: The main hardware products are higher than the export growth rate of output growth, higher sales growth in the domestic market; major hardware appliances full bloom, the electric tools, hand tools, architectural hardware products such increase in traditional export categories of products is very high. Huge market and the gravitational center of multinationals will further attract the hardware manufacturing center to China's transfers.

    2, science and technology innovation will be key to the development of China's hardware industry, China's hardware industry has begun to occupy a great share of out of metal in the form of traditional single feature, iron chain a group of materials and color combinations, the combination of function and form to the human direction, light, thin, short, small hardware new products, hardware has become a fashion world. And as hand tools, the use of ergonomics in the design bold and innovative, elegant materials, to meet the practical, based on the art of appreciation more. However, the metal products and advanced foreign technology, China's gap with foreign countries is quite large in comparison. With the depth of competition, China's hardware industry chain, the profit margins of all the various stages in the compression, the price advantage of smaller and smaller, dwindling space lower prices. More and more companies recognize that price competition alone can not build core competencies, not the direction of long-term development, so efforts to explore a new path of development. Many hardware companies to increase the technical input to the development of new products with high technological content, product differentiation will be the development of long-term plan as a business and seek new market demands, technology and innovation to create new economic growth point to achieve sustainable development.

    3, the sales channels will undergo profound changes, the channel increasingly fierce competition among the one hand, manufacturers strengthened the control on the retail end, and strive to reduce sales cycles, saving cost of sales, the sales channels to develop specialist business sales model can adapt to diverse towards the direction of the market. On the other hand, sales of large-scale industry development trend of the rising status of the chain, enhanced the ability to control the industry, to participate and were mainly caused by the manufacturer-led price competition. Large retailers, with its broad market coverage, procurement and cost advantages of scale, product pricing, payment settlement and other aspects of manufacturing enterprises control will be increased. Meanwhile, the international market for hardware products in China will gradually develop the requirements change, the quality of Chinese products, packaging, delivery period will have higher requirements, and even gradually extended to the production process and product development, product and environmental protection , energy resources, cultural environment together.

    4, China's hardware industry, will further exacerbate the polarization in the next few years will be China's hardware industry, high-speed oscillation period, which brings high-speed oscillation is a direct consequence of the camp led to the current hardware brand to expand the trend of polarization. The next few years is expected to truly survive in the market is absolutely no hardware business is now so much. However, this high-speed shocks will have a tremendous opportunity to shock the results will be made more rational market specialization.

    5, China's hardware industry and foreign enterprises will further accelerate the integration of the domestic hardware companies to improve their strength more quickly expand the international market, and foreign enterprises through various means to accelerate the integration to improve product quality, enhance competitiveness. Continue to expand in the United States, Japan and other traditional markets, while countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Russia, Europe and Africa will be fully flowering. Overall, China's hardware industry will continue the momentum of structural adjustment, but will continue to be some bright spots. Hardware companies will be intensified polarization of the situation, some companies will not meet market competition out of the market competition through various channels, while the hardware giant will gradually emerge.

    All in all, China's hardware industry's future development potential is enormous, the market prospect is broad and related hardware companies should be the courage to meet challenges and seize the world in the international economic recovery after the financial crisis the opportunity to overcome its own shortcomings, and strive to improve their own strength and faster to expand the international market, and foreign enterprises through various means to speed up the integration, improve product quality, enhance their international competitiveness.

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