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Inventory of the lighting industry celebrity endorsement "Seven"

    Count Seven of the lighting industry missing celebrity endorsement:

    ① targeting missing.

    Campaign has been the key is to make the audience remember, look for stars to speak, is to star through the trust of consumers of these memory points accepted by the people in the industry or business in order to "follow suit" and look for stars, or just to "flicker" Dealer Merchants and look for stars, swing chain do not know their real needs and what led by stars to endorse the brand targeting missing.

    Celebrity endorsements on the illumination of different companies have different values, there is to rapidly improve brand and product awareness, and there in order to establish and improve the brand image, but its purpose is for star's own popularity and visibility, as a brand and product propaganda methods, the target location should be consistent with company strategy, and should not be short-term behavior.

    ② assessment cut missing.

    Stars as a special commodity, as the core competitiveness of the entertainment industry, the value creation process also follow the market development, introduction, growth, maturity, decline of the PLC (product life cycle) process. Raise the level of socio-economic development and the concept of consumer spending, iron chain changes in consumer preferences and market competition factors, making stars of goods increasingly shorter life cycle.

    Currently, lighting, object selection in the endorsement business often feel the boss or group cognitive basis, there are no standard star PLC management awareness, an even the basic planning, assessment, forecasting no decision-making, how to ensure that celebrity endorsements product to remain competitive after the , remain unbeaten in the competition, but also allows users to experience the constant value-added products, the brand continues to break?

    ③ lack of character integration.

    Endorsement of the premise of matching is successful, a truly successful endorsement, popularity by looking at the stars is not enough, but also the star of the match with the brand level, the characteristics of the star itself is consistent with the brand, brand or character, only the stars and match between the brand endorsements, will promote the brand and increase sales for a better and more lasting effect.

    At present, the lighting companies are often in the endorsement object choice to "popular" and "not popular", "line" and "second and third line," "Star grazing" and even "price" theory, the star character whether the blending of content and brand personality , the target group consistent, covering sex, popularity, advertising themes related degree, fit with the brand personality temperament and other aspects of integrated assessment of a serious lack of character.

    ④ lack of performance demands.

    Advertising advertising appeals, including rational appeal, emotional appeal advertising, suggesting the demands of an ad created by using various methods to stimulate consumers to the potential need to form or change an attitude of consumers to inform their approach to meet their own needs to facilitate their advertisers expect there buying behavior.

    Clearly, the advertising appeals of the decision of the spread of creative quality and performance, the industry mostly a lot of lighting companies, "the star, light demands" that the star has everything there, even if it does not matter mediocre ads, advertising, the lack of demand led to the performance of ads into the star of the show, but was placed in a secondary product, corporate brand image is less points.

    ⑤ interference assessment is missing.

    Company spokesmen in the choice, not only to understand the star itself, but also understand the star of the endorsement of other brands, if a celebrity endorsement of the brand too much, it will lose its endorsement of the product focus, reduce the endorsement effect, the other had if the celebrity endorsements products, product quality, brand image, market positioning and other aspects of their products and brand conflict, their products will have a negative impact.

    To avoid interference between brand endorsements, it is necessary to establish the brand in the early assessment of the interference correlation, while the light industry enterprises often lack many of the circumference of this research area.

    ⑥ lack of crisis PR.

    Stars as a social public relations people, their words and deeds, private life, the image of credibility and so has been the focus of media attention, celebrity personal scandal, the scandal caused uproar necessarily improper handling, both in the personal image of the damaged brand image will also be on the endorsement caused bad influence.

    Therefore, the enterprises in the decision to celebrity endorsements, not only when to consider signing additional provisions by law, to advocate the interests and the interests tied up with the brand, but also internal management system of the corresponding comb through the fine internal operations and crisis mechanism for public relations plan, and star advertising market effects arising from the formation of multiplication between lighting companies in the choice of celebrity endorsements, the same should develop a public relations crisis in the corresponding mechanism to track the star status of enterprises in a timely manner and rapid response capacity, to maintain brand and close communication between the endorser, will minimize the loss of crisis.

    Currently, the industry in crisis public relations plan for lighting considerations lacking.

    ⑦ lack of public relations events.

    Celebrity endorsement is not low price tag, is now slightly higher profile stars worth of up to seven figures. Therefore, to make real money paid to the stars into the market gold and silver mines, not only to be considered in the selection of star image and brand relevance, but also to the spread of strategic depth through the development of star power to achieve "material The super-value "purposes.

    For businesses, the invitation to star filming ads, without paying additional costs for the case of their involvement in the more public relations, spokesperson for the value of which is an effective means to enhance, through public relations activities, the marginal effect of the depth of excavation star will brand communication strategy with the stars deep integration and interaction effects.

    Currently, the industry enterprises in the public relations plan lighting deep integration, the marginal effects of mining considerations lack of stars.

    Finally, sum up the lighting industry celebrity endorsement is nothing more than a word: Using use, can only benefit!

    Jiang Junpeng, brand marketing real experts, the current Kingsun Co. brand manager, Hebei Province, Deputy Secretary-General Association of modern management, Kingsun cultural transmission of light under the KINGSUN planning director, director of Soft Science, Hebei Province, Hebei enterprises Competitiveness Promotion Center deputy director. Years of brand management, marketing planning, strategic planning, corporate culture, practical experience, well versed in brand management and corporate culture of the road. Have done the planning director, planning manager, brand manager, brand director. Kingsun has served, Chang'an Automobile, Samsung Electronics, Acorn, beautiful ceramics, Lu Lu Jia slippers, Shanghai Shenhua shoes, shoe industry leading step run enterprises, has been committed to strategic planning, marketing, real, corporate culture transmission system, corporate brand development and growth.

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