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Shopping hardware buy get together to force half sad half destroyed?

    Recalling the 2010 online shopping market, buy army must be an exception brilliant label.
    Groupon the U.S. buy the rocket site upbringing inspired by the domestic buy site suddenly a burst of explosive growth,swing chain and group projects are varied, from food and clothing, down to the play line. Qing dynasties Research Center data show that, as of November 2010, the Chinese buy as many as there are thousands of sites.

    What prompted the just six months, buy army by the "Hundred Regiments" up to "thousands of World War II mission?" Very simple, buy website "weeds-style" behind the growth is starting up with the flood of consumer groups and prices "up" the case of an integral.

    Indeed, the buy to the traditional online shopping market has injected a pool of flowing water, but also to the online shopping market in 2010 with a new spring. Is the so-called "floating in the lakes often, how can I not the knife." Rapid warming in the buy, some discordant voices have gradually into the ear, the products not meeting board, website  leave, consumer rights ... ... many consumers hard,iron chain said the network buy is a love-hate relationship.

    Phenomenon: Let get together and buy hardware.

    Customers in the army, it is easy to buy hardware that figure. Not long ago, the selection of Seiko secret agents, known for designing top of the times solid metal heavy launch buy winter surprise - 11 weight Gifts, worth 10,800 yuan spike off the top of a solid cabinet and other activities people to try it.

    More than that, the light metal in November in Beijing to get together and buy together. Tutengbaojia first furniture buy "to force group" with enough to match the industry's top furniture configuration of the seven golden combination, open a furniture buy a gluttonous feast, with sincere warmth of the capital this winter. November 13, building materials, furniture, electrical appliances will be thousands of people buy Nikko New Century Hotel China Hall. Customers include the flooring, tiles, sanitary ware, cabinets, paint, ceiling, furniture, appliances, and other decoration desired number of first-line network of well-known brands and popular brands.

    In order to achieve the desired effect activities, businesses pull out all the stops, make gold bargain teacher "buy doctor" to help out, to lead the consumer on-site bargain; registration hundred grand prize can be collected free of charge, signing another award; field also set "1 yuan starting", "limit spike" and other exciting links.

    In addition, 14 Honolulu, buy a discount, buy furniture, Montreal resistance, Kohler sanitary ware buy, 20 buy kitchen appliances such as AO Smith, 21, buy the Home Library Home storage base, also in full swing.

    Analysis: The price just kind of.

    Why buy this by holding? For consumers in terms of their pursuit of affordable, for the enterprises, their pursuit of maximum profits. Ponder off, buy the capture of consumer psychology is to "cheap" to provide a contrast, "poor quality" to buy mode to move up and sales to achieve profit maximization.

    West Lake Area with high white-collar office told reporters that they buy for a big pick up in terms of not only "cheap" a good opportunity, but they can not spare time to solve the trouble to go shopping, is a good outlet channels.

    Deeper level of speaking, kind of buy is characterized by a small number of products for each category, but sales of each product is very large, so buy in kind to reduce operating costs such as warehousing and logistics, and even directly from the manufacturer can be made goods distribution to individual consumers to cut the circulation of commodities in all intermediate links. From this point of view, can now buy goods in kind, "the first production after the sale" subversion of the conventional "first sales, production," the industry, new regulations, to the commodity production and circulation of revolutionary impact the retail market.

    Reminder: There may be hidden boom.

    Buy produce from the home network hardware, has been mixed, experience a dream come true is the luck, but accidentally fell into the trap is not too big nothing with it?

    Zhang public forum by a 5,000 yuan buy a set of furniture for children, the use of six months after the furniture with varying degrees of cracking and deformation, home repair, two manufacturers can not restitution. When Zhang asked when the manufacturer is responsible for return people just will not answer the phone, and find the site then buy the organizers also found missing. Zhang did not know who to turn to compensate for their losses, I thought I fell into a trap.

    In fact, in furniture, building materials industry, the network is a lot of "motley crew" special way of product sales. Long as they pay a certain amount of advertising costs, you can buy online members convened to improve the popularity and increase sales. For consumers, many of irregular site and did not buy the brand in business to thoroughly investigate the authenticity of the degree of information is difficult to distinguish. Once the after-sales service difficult problem not only protection but also the phenomenon of empty routine business, if many sites do not have the ability to solve problems, consumers can no desire, no channel of complaint.

    Weapon: keep their eyes open distinguish good or bad.

    In response to these phenomena, there are the words of Xiao Bian. Customers participating in, the first to have the reputation of the organization to choose sides, to prevent the process of the emergence of various consumer buy additional consumer and business  recessive behavior. Meanwhile, business consulting service to the protection of related issues, there is a problem specific products, where to be held accountable.

    If you are a first time buy, the lack of experience, Xiao Bian give you a list of the following six, if the condemnation is not easy for the wrong way.

    1, with high brand awareness; 2, a large market share; 3, generally has won many different awards; 4, are industry leaders or industry leaders; 5, perfect service system, good after-sales service; 6, product quality, stand the test of time.

    "Cheap" is one "buy success" of the first guarantee, but we can imagine that in today's increasingly diversified consumer demand, the implementation of sound policies and to provide personalized after-sales service is king, and we look forward to the future The buy has a new development breakthroughs.

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