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EU trade with China, Central, Circle Yujian hardware companies to seize the opportunity

    The former EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson said the EU's trade policy does not keep up with Asia's development. The EU must recognize that the EU's trade policy adjustment can not be restricted in China.
    EU Select Asia as a 'trade offensive' main objectives for the Asian financial crisis in emerging countries in the outstanding performance of the EU in its relations with South Korea on October 6, 2010, after the formal signing of a free trade agreement recently reached with India to establish another EU FTA India's intention.swing chain India and the EU in first EU - India Summit agreed that both sides will be signed during the year 2011, bilateral free trade agreements.

    The EU is India's largest trading partner, India, 18.7% of products exported to EU, bilateral trade volume in 2009 up to 69 billion euros. The EU is also India's largest source of investment, the EU has invested 10 years in India total 20 billion euros.

    Academy of Social Sciences, Institute of Asia and the Pacific Dr. Shen Minghui that the EU India, EU FTA Korea, primarily their economic needs. India should be more active, I hope some more trading opportunities, after all,iron chain this great country of China's trade has given it great power.

    EU and India to establish a free trade area have shown a positive attitude. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said the talks are expected to be completed in spring 2011, the two sides in 2011 signed the agreement on the summit, the two sides establish a free trade area is undoubtedly a 'win-win' cooperation will thus form a 1.5 billion one large market. This is not only the EU and India to achieve sustainable development, increased employment and technological innovation is critical, but also conducive to global economic recovery, but also issued a claim of foreign markets, opening up and oppose trade protectionism, strong signal. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said India's development needs a strong Indo-European relations.

    According to the Associated Press reported that after the establishment of the FTA, trade between the EU and India, tariffs will be reduced 90%, 30% of bilateral trade to a significant increase occurred. In addition to South Korea signed with the Asian economies, the first free trade agreements with Singapore and Malaysia, the EU will start negotiations on bilateral free trade agreements. Some analysts pointed out that the outside world, Asia is becoming the EU 'trade offensive' main target.

   Observers here believe that China-EU trade balance for Europe has been disturbed. In addition to a variety of protectionist measures, the EU has succeeded in 'winning', South Korea, are also being conducted with the ASEAN free trade area negotiations, the main reason also lies in the ASEAN and South Korea's exports and 'Made in China' has a cross-cutting, as 'Made in China an alternative', which will help correct the imbalance of China-EU trade.

    Chen Minghui that the Indian and the Chinese exports is quite different, there is not much crossover between the two, the service outsourcing industry in India mainly to manufacturing in China, so India and the European Union to establish a free trade zone on China's foreign trade not much, of course homogeneous with India will be some impact on the industry. For India, expand exports, India's services sector to the European market in the long run is also conducive to the competitiveness of domestic industries in India.

    The case of both opportunities and challenges, the Chinese hardware companies need to grasp the opportunity, timely follow-up market.

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