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China's machinery manufacturing industry in recent years, the overall situation analysis

    Tool Industry must change our philosophy, to develop advanced tools and efficient production, efficient use of advanced tools instead of foreign-made products, take back the possession of this part of the tool import market, emphasize on post production services, the only way, only the development of tools for enterprise future, China's Tool Industry can be revitalized.

    1. Machinery manufacturing industry total situation.

    In recent years, China's manufacturing industry for sustained high-speed development, China is a manufacturing country: a large number of countries in the world imports of Chinese products and China's exports of electromechanical products accounted for the majority. Cold and the current economic crisis, industrial machinery, swing chain although more immediately affected, but the overall size and production after the United States, more than Japan, ranking second in the world, exports more than Germany, has reached first in the world, 2009 China's auto production has surpassed the United States door to the world. China has become a truly world manufacturing country. 2010, "Global Manufacturing White Paper" published "10 global manufacturing power," list, China ranked Zi III.

    This year's "World Machine 500", the U.S. top 126 enterprises selected door, second home in Japan to 124, the third home of 77 selected enterprises. But this year the world's top 10 machine 500, the Chinese no one was selected; the world's top 100 machinery, China was selected only 9. 2010 "World Machine 500",iron chain China's top 10 in Table 2:

    But it should be recognized that China's manufacturing industry is big but not strong, big country and can not be called manufacturing power. For example, the key link of iron, we export a large number of low-priced imports of steel and alloy steel with high added value. Machine is in the export of cheap low block machine, while imports of expensive and sophisticated CNC machine tools. China's manufacturing productivity, only the United States, Japan, 1 / 3 to 1 / 5. Although many Chinese machinery products cheaper price, but quality is low. Recently, as the RMB appreciation and the rapid increase in domestic labor costs, coupled with the cold and the economic crisis has seriously affected the export of products in the low block, but forcing us to improve the mechanical level of industrial technology as soon as possible, change crisis into opportunity and forge ahead to create power .

    2.2000 ~ 2008, the rapid development of China's machinery manufacturing industry.

    2000 to 2008 China's machinery manufacturing industry is extremely fast, cars, machine tools, shipbuilding, power generation equipment, not only the rapid output growth, and product standards are being improved. Is representative of the machine tool industry in recent years of development, for example, to illustrate the development in recent years, Table 3 is from 2000 to 2009, China's machine tool production, consumption and import and export:

    Market share of domestic machine tool production: 2007 56,3%, 61% in 2008, 2009, continue to increase to 70.1%. In 2008 China's consumption of machine tools machine tool industry 19.44 billion U.S. dollars, the world's first production machine 13.96 billion U.S. dollars, third in the world machine tool exports $ 2,110,000,000, sixth in the world, imports of machine tools 7.59 billion U.S. dollars, the world's first machine tool import and export trade deficit $ 5,480,000,000. Cold by the world economic impact in 2009, up a little, but affected more seriously abroad, the annual ranking of the world production of machine tools, machine tools imported 5.9 billion, 1.41 billion exports of machine tools, machine tool import and export trade deficit 4.49 billion U.S. dollars, import and consumption of machine tools ranked first in the world for 8 years.

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