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"Casual clothing city in China," the rapid development of the lions rely on network

    Fujian Shishi, Fujian is the birthplace of school clothes and distributing center plate, but also by China Textile Industry Association, China National Garment Association, China casual wear named after the city.
    According to statistics, the center of Fujian Shishi textile and garment sector to send nearly a thousand yuan in output value, profits and taxes of hundreds of billion yuan to more than 100 million people in employment,swing chain the possession of the National 1 / 4 or more of the market, the textile and garment industry has grown into the largest pillar industry of the lions, accounting for 60% of the gross national product.

    Famous lions of garment, textile and garment production base in China and distribution center, after 20 years of development and promotion, has formed a garment processing to improve the core textile and garment industry chain, covering the textile, dyeing, design, clothing processing, materials, marketing and other fields, iron chain industry chain, seamlessly and self-contained division of labor, the formation of scenery sports and leisure apparel, phoenix in the children's clothing, clothing accessories metal canopy, coastal areas of three towns, such as dyeing and finishing a number of centralized control rational division of labor and other areas of professional production base, a unique gathering of textile and garment industry, effect prominent.

    Network, boosting the development of garment industry "engine."

    In recent years, Shishi textile and garment industry witnessed rapid development, emerged seven wolves, Lee Lang, rich bird and other well-known brands. However, a few large enterprises alone can not fully support the overall development of the lions of clothing. As a representative of the plate clothing, garment industry has been struggling to find lions development, which is the innovation to the lions of people see the dawn break.

    As well known, technological development, promotion and application of network technology, the exchange of new information and communication has been all the more convenient. The resulting information derived from some of the clothing in this class of sites is the product of trend. Learned from the parties concerned, the clothing category sites in addition to professional advantages of information, but also has a strong technological advantages, advantages of this technology makes website building quality walk in the country. News search several clothing information website, visit the Web site page, I feel very regulate the construction site, setting the plates is also very comprehensive. Clothing at a local information network that, in addition to fashion trends, style gallery, really making a delivery, popular books, design material than a dozen blocks, but even the company's announcement, recruitment information, also take into account, and it also a forum for designers to communicate. Which gave the company a first time to understand the popular information, grasp the pulse of fashion channel, colleagues also between enterprises, direct interaction between the designer provides a good platform.

    Most companies value the network platform lions.

    A few years ago, lions enterprises do not pay attention to the network information platform, but to rely on taking the market to buy like clothing, to see the physical book to grasp the trend, grasp the design direction. But now is not the same, many companies have sites with clothing information class cooperation, particularly large brands, brand development, information website has become an important foundation, and these companies paid great attention to cooperation with the professional website, professional website with resources advantage to design and develop products between. Learned from the local government in 2009, the city realized 32.398 billion yuan of GDP, an increase of 12.9%; financial income 2,808 million, an increase of 8%; industrial output value of 55.88 billion yuan, up 15.1%, the output value of industrial enterprises above designated size 460 billion yuan, up 17.2%; of which 26.5 billion yuan output value of textile and garment industry, an increase of 16.5%, accounting for 57.6% of large-scale industrial production value. Information network of local clothing R355 Mr Wong said the person in charge, only the local lions presently more than 500 brands have established cooperative relations with them, of which there are like seven wolves, Lee Lang, Sishu Lang is a big enterprises. Currently this site is to build a new English version of the site to the world.

    New road to be farther and farther.

    The combination of science and industry will always have tremendous power of the network as the present one are the latest and fastest technology, if that is the source of innovation and development of garment enterprises. Network is a powerful tool for enterprise development, innovation and sometimes off the beaten road to sneak into the forest, you will surely find something never seen before. The clothing at the moment that information is a class website to attract apparel companies are coming in the great forest. I believe in this great forest, the lions will be all the more clothing the tree grow.

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