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« Fierce competition in steel industry production capacity of the port mode control the pain experienced Italy, in 2010 exports of machinery and molds over 3.5 billion euros »

Dalian Polytechnic to build high-end bearings of the new concentration area of

    Dalian Municipal Committee of the Tenth Plenary cum ten times the city's economic work conference on the report in order to improve the quality of development as the core, to speed up economic restructuring; intensify structural adjustment, and further improve the quality of economic development.
    Speed up the construction of modern industry gathering area to enhance the level of industrial high-end ... ... you can clearly see that economic development will accelerate the transformation of the city's economic and social development throughout the whole process and in all areas.

    Group discussions,swing chain participants agreed that the adjustment of industrial structure adjustment of economic structure in the focus and difficulty, we must focus on adjusting and optimizing the "four structure": First, the structure adjustment and optimization of products and technologies to strengthen the technical transformation and innovation, innovation variety, improve quality, increase the added value; second is adjusting and optimizing industrial structure,iron chain the development of internationally competitive large enterprises and groups, help SME to the "specialist special new" development, promote industry alliances; third is adjusting and optimizing industrial layout actively guide the orderly transfer of industry and cluster development, promote the formation of a new pattern of regional development; Fourth, adjust and optimize industrial structure, promoting advanced manufacturing and modern service industries, emerging industries and the coordinated development of traditional industries.

    Municipal Committee, deputy mayor Qu Xiaofei that the "second Five-Year" period, the industrial development to the quality and efficiency, promote the added value from low to high value-added and the transition from reliance on traditional factors of production to rely more on science and technology progress, improving the quality of workers and management innovation, and from the extension of extensive development to intensive-type intensive development changes, the formation of structural optimization, layout reasonable, technologically advanced, clean, safe, industrial chain, a strong ability to absorb employment of modern industrial system. Accelerate industrial upgrading and economic restructuring, the key is three main lines: high-end industrial, industrial scale and new technology industries.

    During this period, the city has five industrial development tasks and objectives: First, on the basis of steady and rapid growth of industrial development to improve the quality and efficiency. Second, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure to achieve substantive progress. Strive to "second Five-Year" period, the industrial structure more reasonable, and strategic emerging industrial added value accounted for the rise, the formation of a group of well-known brands with independent intellectual property rights and the international business more competitive advantage. Third, growing industry for independent innovation. Strive to "second Five-Year" period, technological progress contribution to industrial growth rate was significantly increased. Fourth, to promote low carbon green, clean and safe development. Fifth, promoting coordinated regional development. Strive to "second Five-Year" period, create some with strong international competitiveness and influence of the industrial base, regional coordination of industrial development was enhanced.

    Municipal Committee, mayor assistant director of City Commission by letter, said Liu Yan, the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the city of crude oil processing capacity to 3,000 million tons, ranking the city first; wind power equipment, production capacity will reach 3,500 sets; annual shipbuilding capacity will reach 10 million tons ... ... these have become the strong foundation of industrial restructuring. "Twelfth Five-Year" period, the city is not out of the existing industrial base in the premise, will focus on emerging technology and the integration of traditional industries; focus on breakthroughs in core technologies, relying on the industrialization of technological innovation and development of new industries birth; play government guidance and market-driven work together to eliminate the institutional obstacles that hinder their development, pay attention to market access, technical standards, development planning, policies and elements supporting the integration of market allocation of resources into full play the basic role; focus on the development of industrial design, modern logistics, information services, producer services, as new industries to provide technology, business, finance, information services, create good conditions and market support. "Twelfth Five-Year" period, the city will reach 500 billion yuan of industrial added value.

    Taking a new road to industrialization, we must promote the integration of information technology and industrialization, using information to promote industrialization, promotion of information technology. At the same time, industrialization and urbanization created the conditions, the information has raised the level of urbanization, accelerating the urbanization process. No doubt, market and speed up the internationalization of China's industrialization and urbanization important way and means.

    ZWZ Cong red party secretary, said the city government recently issued the "speed up the development of industrial clusters, to build modern industrial agglomerations guidance", the bearing industry cluster by such positioning: "focus on developing high-speed locomotive, wind power, aerospace and other major equipment, bearings supporting the effort to build the largest Wafangdian, the world's leading industrial bearings supporting the major technologies and equipment manufacturing base. 2012 production value of 300 billion yuan, output value of 500 billion yuan by 2015. "As a leading enterprise ZWZ of course, play its due role to this end, ZWZ has been making determined efforts. This year, ZWZ bearing invest 60 million to build a city project has been the foundation, next June, where the production of heavy truck bearings. This year in September, and Japan ZWZ Jie too Gert AG signed a joint venture letter of intent, the two sides will cooperate in three areas: first car bearing the project, the target market for the bearings produced in China, the highest market share for the industry . Second, high-speed rail bearing projects include high-speed train wheel bearings and gear box bearings. Third, the railway truck bearing, bearings and wind power projects in large forgings, the two sides will establish a supply chain. These will be ZWZ new economic growth point. Next year, ZWZ will also build national research and development centers of large bearings, and its technical support to the city and the country of radiation bearing enterprises.

    Heavy Lifting Group party secretary Zhude Kang said, "Eleventh Five-Year" period, Heavy Crane Group has made considerable progress, but with the domestic industry advanced enterprises there is a considerable gap, in some ways can be said that crises . Small than the others, to be reorganized at any time of danger. At present, the enterprises should seize the opportunity to become bigger and stronger as soon as possible, the key to break the two "bottleneck": First, establish a modern enterprise system, really, and second, the tools take advantage of capital operation, the use of low-cost means of financing public. Only really set up a modern enterprise system, business factors of production in order to have sufficient openness and liquidity, and external capital markets, market operators, labor market and other factor markets matched by asset acquisitions, mergers United, bankruptcy, through the operator's choice and then select, through the rational flow of workers to enable enterprises to optimize the structure, competitiveness has been effectively increased, thus changing the past, factors of production fragmentation, closed dull, very gifted, not bad eliminated, administrative duplication serious situation. And to solve these two "bottleneck" is difficult for enterprises independently, in many respects a strong need for government to promote and support.

    Machine Tool Group, said Xu Jun, deputy party secretary of the municipal government issued the "speed up the development of industrial clusters to build modern industrial agglomerations guidance," also referred to the machine tool industry: "to Dalian Machine Tool Group and other key enterprises as the basis, speed up the CNC machine tool industry development, and build influence at home and abroad with CNC machine tools and numerical control systems and key functional components research and development base. "In order to enlarge and strengthen the machine tool industry, Machine Tool Group is restructuring, in the defense industry, rail transportation, wind power nuclear power, large aircraft , shipbuilding and machine tool manufacturing and other fields will be a breakthrough. At present, companies are using information technology to transform traditional industries, Manufacturing and production processes used in all EPR management. Its ordinary lathe and CNC lathe production lines have been achieved, the result doubly reduced personnel, production has doubled. To CNC machine tools, for example, production of 200 units over the past month, and now can produce 200 units per day.

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